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Download OnePlus 8 Wallpaper and Live Wallpaper for Any Android Phone


This post was last updated on June 2nd, 2020 at 04:53 pm

OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro launched in the US recently amid lockdown in many countries. As always, the wallpapers and the live wallpapers on the OnePlus 8 are quite eye catching which are created by Hampus Olsson.

He has been designing these wallpapers for OnePlus since the time of OnePlus 2. If you liked the wallpapers from other OnePlus models, then most likely you like these wallpapers too.

Later in this post you will find the download links to get those Wallpapers and you can use it on your Android phone.

Below are the snapshots of the actual wallpapers for an overview, before you go to download the actual files.

OnePlus 8 Wallpaper

OnePlus 8 Wallpaper

How to Get OnePlus 8 Wallpaper and Live Wallpaper?

Well, the answer lies in the link provided. Visit the below link to download the official wallpaper and live wallpaper in 4K resolution built for OnePlus 8.

OP8 Wallpaper / Live Wallpaper Download

Also, you can get these wallpapers from Hampus Olsson’s app available on the Play Store

Abstruct - Wallpapers in 4K
Abstruct - Wallpapers in 4K

Other Wallpaper Download

That’s not all. If you are interested on wallpapers, you can download some more stock wallpapers from other phones listed below

That’s all on downloading OnePlus 8 stock wallpapers and Live wallpapers for any Android phone. You can always visit the OnePlus 8 forum and the OnePlus 8 Pro forum to get more device specific topics such as GCam, LineageOS, Rooting etc.

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