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Recently Xiaomi has released the feature packed MIUI 12 Beta for many devices along with the new Mi 10 Youth Edition phone. This article lists some of the important MIUI features and provides MIUI 12 download for available devices.

As of now, Mi A2, Mi A3, Poco F1, Redmi 5, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi Note 4 have not got this update officially but it is provided through developer ported builds. This list will be updated with latest available MIUI 12 update for available phones once new builds will come.

The MIUI 12 update is based on Android 10 for recent phones and is based on Android 9 for few legacy devices on which it is supported.

This list contains MIUI 12 download released officially from Xiaomi and unofficial ports built by developers.

Download MIUI 12 update

MIUI 12 Features

The latest MIUI 12 is based on Android 10 for many and Android 9 for few devices. Many features are enhanced on top of Android 10 features and many are entirely new on this update.

Below are some of the features that I found on this latest MIUI update:

Animations everywhere

MIUI 12 is full of animations through out the phone.
App opening, closing, options toggling, animations across the many settings such as the presentation of battery stats, storage stats etc. are way more pleasing than ever.

Of course this cannot be represented on a screenshot like image but still I have tried capture few. Probably I will make a video and bring everything together.

Super Wallpapers

Space inspired Live wallpapers on MIUI 12, called as Super Wallpapers are awesomely designed. By default there are two such Super Wallpapers available namely: Home and The red planet.
The screen display, the lock screen or on a screen cast these Super wallpapers turns onto an imaginary space of earth, Mars and the whole space.
Even in this MIUI 12 beta build these Live Super wallpapers give a very smooth animation when you unlock the phone.

miui 12 super wallpaper demo

Built-in App Sharing (APK sharing on Installed Apps)

Have you ever wondered how can you send the APK file of an installed application from your phone to other? It is not so straight forward, even if you have already done.

But on MIUI 12, there is this feature that allows to share APK files of an installed application (only third party apps are allowed to be sent) over bluetooth or by any means to other device. No need to use any APK clonig apps such as App cloner, etc.

Also, this is not a feature of Mi Share, which is a cross platform file sharing protocol. I have personally verified this by disabling Mi Share and tried sending the Google Photos APK file successfully.

Full Screen Gestures

The built in feature known as Navigation Gestures on Android 10 now comes to MIUI 12.

No home and back button in the bottom, rather you can now enjoy the whole screen and navigate the phone by swiping from left to right or top to bottom which is otherwise known as gestures or in MIUI 12 it is known as Full Screen Gestures.

TO enable or disable, go to Settings > Additional settings > Full screen display > Select the Full screen gestures.
If you don’t know how to use the gestures, you can tap on Learn when prompted after enabling the feature.

Not sure if the same is available on MIUI 12 based on Android Pie!

The Control Center

– Unlike the traditional toggle options which were available by pulling down the notification bar, this time it has ot its own space.
– Pull the notification bar from the right side and the control center is ready. Pulling the notification bar from the left side brings the notifications.
– This is of course customizatable just like the earlier one and of course you can turn it off and go back to earlier design at any point of time.

To enable or disable, you can go to Settings > Display > Notch & Status bar and there you get the Control center toggle button.

Always on Display

Always on Display (AOD) was only available on a handful of devices running MIUI 11. But it seems that the MIUI 12 has this feature available on every phone.

There are a verity of built in clock style and screens to choose from the list. You can also choose the animation style when a notification arrives.

To enable Always on Display on MIUI 12, got to Settings > Always-on display & Lock screen > toggle the Always-on display.

Floating Window

This is different than the split screen where you can see and operate two applications on the display. You can run another app on a small window just like picture-in-picture functionality.

Either you can press and hold the recent app and select the floating window mode or leave a running app on the top right corner to run on floating window mode.

At this moment there is only one app that you can use on Floating window.

Advanced Privacy Protection

Say, an app is running in the background and is using the location service or the mic without your knowledge.
Of course, it is possible. But not anymore in Android 10 or later, which has added a new permission called “Allow only when the app is open”.

Meaning, no app can use a certain permission when the app is in background. This feature from Android 10 has been utilized very smartly on the MIUI 12.

When you take a picture, now-a-days almost all camera app store location information and some other information (called as metadata) of that image file. When you share such an image you share the aforementioned data as well.

Under the secure share feature, all private information can be removed while sharing such media files to any recipient.

App Behavior (under Privacy Protection)

Records every behavior from different apps in a chronological timeline. Shows which permission was accessed by which application. In addition it keeps a record of different applications requested for permissions in a chronological order.

You can also select from many available options to filter different kinds of behaviors to observe what sort of permission was accessed by which app.

But there is a catch: It only records third party Apps behaviors and does not record any behavior of System apps. Behaviors of the browser, Contacts app etc. are not recorded.

When you turn on the Permission notifications it shows which particular service is being accessed in the notification area.
This is a native Android 10 feature but implemented very beautifully on MIUI 12.

Mi AI Voice Assistant

This is definitely not the same Google assistant that comes pre-installed on almost all Android phones. The Mi AI seems to be some sort of in-house produced AI based voice assistant or so.

The Mi AI voice assistant that is bundled in this MIUI currently only understands chinese and speaks in chinese as well. Because of this I was unable to try this one but I am really excited to see it in action in later updates.

Mi Share

A cross platform file sharing feature that is available on Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Realme phones. This was launched in February 2020 and may be available on upcoming phones or through an update on released phones.

To enable or disable this feature go to Settings > Connection & sharing > Mi Share then toggle the Mi Share.

System wide Dark Mode

Introduced in Android 10 as a battery saver option is also used as a dark theme. MIUI 12 natively supports a similar system wide dark mode when enabled it is also supported by many third party apps.

That’s all on this MIUI 12 features section. It is possible that some feature(s) available on this latest MIUI update are not included here. If you happen to know something like this, you can always tip us by writing in the comments section.

If you are excited to try MIUI 12 on your Android phone, checkout the below list of available downloads for supported devices.

At this moment this list has a very few number of devices but eventually it will grow bigger. So, keep visiting this page to know when it is updated.

MIUI 12 Download for Available Devices

Visit the below links to get MIUI 12 update for available device(s) with a step-by-step guide that explains how to install the same.

MIUI 12 Download for Asus phones

Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00TD) Zenfone Max Pro M1 MIUI 12


MIUI 12 Download for Motorola phones

Moto G5 Plus (potter) Moto G5 Plus MIUI 12 – Android 9


MIUI 12 Download for OnePlus phones

OnePlus 8 Pro (instantnoodlep) OnePlus 8 Pro MIUI 12 – Android 10


MIUI 12 Download for Xiaomi Phones

Mi 6 (sagit) Mi 6 MIUI 12
Mi 6X (wayne) Mi 6X MIUI 12
Mi 8 (dipper) Mi 8 MIUI 12
Mi 8 Explorer (ursa) Mi 8 Explorer MIUI 12
Mi 8 Lite (platina) Mi 8 Lite MIUI 12
Mi 8 Pro (equuleus) Mi 8 Pro MIUI 12
Mi 9 (cepheus) Mi 9 MIUI 12
Mi 9 Lite (pyxis) Mi 9 Lite MIUI 12
Mi 9 Pro (crux) Mi 9 Pro MIUI 12
Mi 9 SE (grus) Mi 9 SE MIUI 12
Mi 9T (davinci) Mi 9T MIUI 12
Mi 9T Pro (raphael) Mi 9T Pro MIUI 12
Mi 10 (umi) Mi 10 MIUI 12
Mi 10 Pro (cmi) Mi 10 Pro MIUI 12
Mi CC9 (pyxis) Mi CC9 MIUI 12
Mi CC9 Meitu Edition (vela) Mi CC9 Meitu Edition MIUI 12
Mi CC9 Pro (tucana) Mi CC9 Pro MIUI 12
Mi A2 (jasmine_sprout) Mi A2 MIUI 12
Mi A3 (laurel_sprout) Mi A3 MIUI 12
Mi Max 3 (nitrogen) Mi Max 3 MIUI 12
Mi Mix 2 (chiron) Mi Mix 2 MIUI 12
Mi Mix 2S (polaris) Mi Mix 2S MIUI 12
Mi Mix 3 (perseus) Mi Mix 3 MIUI 12
Mi Note 10 (tucana) Mi Note 10 MIUI 12
Mi Note 3 (jason) Mi Note 3 MIUI 12
Poco F1 (beryllium) Poco F1 MIUI 12
Poco X2 (phoenix) Poco X2 MIUI 12
Poco F2 Pro (lmi) Poco F2 Pro MIUI 12
Redmi 3s / Prime (land) Redmi 3s MIUI 12
Redmi 5 (rosy) Redmi 5 MIUI 12
Redmi 6 Pro (sakura) Redmi 6 Pro MIUI 12
Redmi K20 (davinci) Redmi K20 MIUI 12
Redmi K20 Pro (raphael) Redmi K20 Pro MIUI 12
Redmi K20 Pro Premium (raphael) Redmi K20 Pro Premium MIUI 12
Redmi K30 (phoenix) Redmi K30 MIUI 12
Redmi K30 5G (picasso) Redmi K30 5G MIUI 12
Redmi K30 Pro (lmi) Redmi K30 Pro MIUI 12
Redmi Note 4 (mido) Redmi Note 4 MIUI 12
Redmi Note 7 (lavender) Redmi Note 7 MIUI 12
Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet) Redmi Note 7 Pro MIUI 12
Redmi Note 8 Pro (begonia) Redmi Note 8 Pro MIUI 12
Redmi Note 9 MIUI 12 for Redmi Note 9
Redmi Note 9 Pro / 9s (curtana) MIUI 12 for Redmi Note 9 Pro


So, What Next?
You can install few more things if required. I am adding few of them as add-on installation.

Addons after Installing MIUI 12

After installing MIUI 12 on your phone you may want to root or install GCam etc.

Rooting MIUI 12

If you are looking for such a thing then you can visit the link that guides how to Root MIUI 12.

GCam Download for MIUI 12

Google Camera or GCam is already available for Android 10 or Android 9 versions for many Xiaomi phones. If you are looking for a MIUI 12 compatible one then you can visit this GCam download page.

That’s all on this beautiful MIUI 12. If you are looking to download MIUI 12 for your phone but it is not available then you can just leave a comment in the box. I will try to get it if it is already available or if someone has ported it.

About the Author

I am a Software Engineer by profession. I have worked with few big companies, such as: BROADCOM Corporation, Cypress Semiconductor, LSI Corporation, TOSHIBA Corporation, Western Digital; on various cutting edge technologies and product lines, such as: RAID storage Driver, SSD Firmware, WLAN Firmware etc. Having more than 9 years of experience in Software Engineering domain. Now contributing to the Custom ROMs community by bringing various Custom ROMs to the end users, developed by thousands of developers across the globe.


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