• June 2019

How to Play Call of Duty Mobile APK 1.0.3 (Australia BETA)

How to Play Call of Duty Mobile APK 1.0.3 (Australia BETA)
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Call of duty Mobile for Android and iOS is gaining popularity as it brings the uniqueness of the CoD series games which has never been witnessed on Android or iOS or any other mobile platform.

Currently it is in BETA build and the latest one on this row is the Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.3 which is an Australian BETA build. Last time with the Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.2 update Activision, the publisher of the game has shutdown server access for Indian BETA build.

Well, as of writing this article, the latest build of Call of Duty Mobile is 1.0.3 which was released on 8th June 2019.

How to Play Call of Duty Mobile APK 1.0.3 (Australia BETA)

Download Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.3

Below is the link that has the link to download Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.3 APK & OBB file.

Download the Call of Duty Mobile (CoD) 1.0.3 APK and OBB from the following link:
Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.3 apk + obb download

How to Play the Call of Duty Mobile APK 1.0.3 SUCCESSFULLY:

Well, the Call of Duty Mobile game come very frequent and it is lighting fast. If I go back to the dates, here are the following updates that came in a span of some 3 weeks:
– May 16th 2019 (or near to that): the BETA came for Indian users.
– June 3rd: the servers were blocked from access.
– June 8th: Call of Duty Mobile BETA launched in Australia

Here is a working build (as of writing this article) of Call of Duty Mobile APK 1.0.3 which is an Australia BETA build. But take this with a pinch of salt as this can stop working at any point of time. 😛

So, to play the game we are going to use UFO VPN Premium APK on 7-day trial period which allows you to connect to CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) Australian build.

It is important to note that this Australian BETA build works with the PREMIUM version of UFO VPN app.
And the premium UFO VPN app costs money after the trial period ends.

Make sure you disable the free trial subscription by the end of the 7th day. Otherwise, never blame me if you forgot to disable.

But rest assured, you can play the game for at least 7 days for free on one Google Play registered account until a new update comes and it ruins all the fun.
If you want to play for more than 7-days you can try with multiple Google accounts to download the UFO VPN premium app.


If you have read the above information and understood the RISK involved, let’s proceed to see how to play Call of Duty 1.0.3.

  1. Download and install the UFO VPN Premium app from the Play Store.
    Downlaod UFO VPN Premium from Play Store
  2. Subscribe to the 7-day free trial period of the UFO VPN App to enable the premium features.
    Subscribe to 7-day free trial of UFO VPN Premium
  3. Once activated, download and install the Call of Duty Mobile 1.0.3 apk . Follow the guide to install and run the game successfully.
  4. Once the game is installed, run the UFO VPN app. Click on Choose Location and then select the Call of Duty Mobile and the select the CODM Australia.
    Choose Location
    Select CODM Australia
  5. Once the VPN is active and connected to CODM Australia server, you can start the game and play without any problem.

That’s all for now. If you face any problem, login and leave a comment to get an instant reply back from me or other users.

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