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[Gcam] Google camera download for Oppo devices


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Google Camera [GCam] is a trending application which is known for its portrait shorts and natural colors contrast. Let’s know more If you are looking up about Gcam For Oppo Devices. Then you are at right Place. Here Gcam apk download is available for Oppo devices. Below Listed GCam apks are supported in only Snap Dragon Processor devices or high-End MediaTek processors Like Mediatek p60 and P22.

Apart from the Downloads of Gcam apks here are some more best features listed Google Camera [GCam] let us know about all that features-

Features Of Google Camera [GCam] in Oppo devices

Google Camera [GCam] Portrait Mode Shots

Apart from the sharp details, Good saturation, Natural colors and skin tone Google camera will also provide an excellent feature which is known as Lens Blur and portrait mode. The Lens Blur/portrait mode of Google Camera has the good accuracy of Detecting edges it never give you Wrong blur whether it is a back Camera or front Camera. Portrait mode is full of naturality and you can also set up the custom blur density which is affordable for you.

Google Camera [GCam] Lens Blur feature for Oppo Devices

Google Camera [GCam] Lens Blur is pretty similar as portrait mode. In this feature, you can use portrait mode with the objects also. You have to Click a Shot simply and Move you device slowly to upward you will see this guide in Google Camera [Gcam] app. It also Supports portrait mode after clicking a shot. You can select which object you want to blur after taking a shot.

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Requirement To Install Google Camera [Gcam] on Oppo devices:

Google Camera GCam APK Download for Oppo Devices:

GCam apk for Oppo A5 2020:Google Camera for Oppo A5 2020
– Google Camera version: 7.0.009
Google Camera apk for Oppo F11 Pro:Download Google Camera APK for F11 Pro
– Google Camera version: 6.1.021
Google Camera apk for Realme 3:Download Google Camera APK for Realme 3
– Google Camera version: 6.1.021
Google Camera apk for Realme 3 Pro:Downlaod Google Camera APK for Realme 3 Pro
– Google Camera version: 6.1.021
Google Camera apk for Realme 5 Pro:Google Camera for Realme 5 Pro
– Google Camera version: 6.1.021
GCam apk for Realme X:Google Camera APK for Realme X
– Google Camera version: 6.2.030
GCam apk for Realme X2:Google Camera APK for Realme X2
– Google Camera version: 6.1.021
GCam apk for Realme X2 Pro:Google Camera APK for Realme X2 Pro
– Google Camera version: 6.1.021
GCam apk for Realme XT:Google Camera for Realme XT
– Google Camera version: 6.2.030
GCam apk for Reno 10x Zoom:Google Camera APK for Reno 10x Zoom
– Google Camera version: 6.1.021


How to Install Google Camera GCam APK on an Oppo phone?

You cannot install Google Camera from Play Store on any Non-Google phone(s). To be able to install Google Camera (GCam) on an Oppo phone it must have Camera2 API enabled, which is a must to run Google Camera on any device, in fact.
If a phone is launched with Android Oreo or later, most likely it will have Camera2 API enabled by default. In case you still want to verify, follow the below instructions!

Verify if Camera2 API is enabled on your Oppo phone

  1. First verify if your phone already has the Camera2 API enabled or not using the Manual Camera Compatibility app.
    Camera2 API compatibility test PASS
  2. If it shows all features are supported, then you can just download the compatible GCam APK for your phone.
  3. If the Manual Camera Compatibility app reports that your device does not support manual settings, then you need to install the Camera2 API using a custom recovery.
    Installing a custom recovery requires an unlocked bootloader in most of the cases.

    • Download the Camera2 API enabler zip file and a compatible GCam APK file for your phone.
    • Restart your phone in Recovery Mode (Usually stock recoveries are not capable to modify the system. So, here you need a custom recovery.)
    • Install the Camera2 API zip file from the recovery.
    • Restart your phone normally and then install the GCam APK file for your phone.

That’s all for now. If you face any problem installing the Google Camera on your Oppo phone or you want Google camera for your oppo phone which is not there in the list, then just login and leave a comment to get an instant reply back from me or any user.


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