Galaxy S5 LineageOS 16 Is On The Way


This post was last updated on August 28th, 2018 at 01:36 pm

Till now there are many LineageOS 16 builds available to download and install. For now I have brought you the news of LineageOS 16 update for Galaxy S5.

Yes, as always haggertk the LineageOS Director is bringing you the LineageOS 16 for Galaxy S5.

Lineage OS 16 for Galaxy S5 is now available to download from haggertk.

Galaxy S5 LineageOS 16 Is On The Way

What is the current Status of LineageOS 16 on Galaxy S5:

As of now I can see there are so many changes have been pushed into lineage-16.0 branch by haggertk. See the below screenshot for more idea:
Galaxy S5 Lineage OS 16 branch push

Also you can see that it has successfully booted, yay. Now see the below screenshot:
Lineage OS 16 on Galaxy S5

Well, this is obviously a good news that Lineage OS 16 for Galaxy S5 is on the way but it is not certain when. The reason being almost nothing works on this LineageOS 16 build yet.

If you see from haggertk’s reply that the LineagegOS 16 on Galaxy S5 (running on Snapdragon 801, MSM8974) does not have many important things working, such as: the RIL (network), no camera… and pretty much many things.
haggertk has also clarified that he is not gonna release this build in this state.

Galaxy S5 LineageOS 16 status

It’s worth wait to get a clean build than getting a broken build of Lineage OS 16 for the Galaxy S5. Stay tuned to this post for further updates on this.

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