TInNeun Google Camera 6.1.021 – v1.3c

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  • This is a GCam or Google Camera port of base version 6.1.021 and build version v1.3c ported by TlnNeun.

    This Google Camera APK build came on 18th December 2018..

    Changelog of GCam APK 6.1.021 TlnNeun build version v1.3c:

    • Fixed EXIF data. Thanks to cstark27, Arnova8G2.
    • Now a check is performed to see if there's HDR+ processing happening before restarting the app after updating the app settings. Thanks namok.
    • Updated v3 lib from esdman, old v1 removed.
    • The "Pixel 3" Interface Style now displays a message suggesting the use of Night Sight.
    • Updated default settings optimised for the OP3/3T under Android 9. If you own a different device, you might need to change the "viewfinder format" (Settings > Advanced > FIX) from "YUV_420_888" to "JPEG" in order for the app to be stable.

    Notes: - A clean install (or "data clear" to remove all data from previous versions) is recommended, specially if you're having issues. - Slow motion: BSG's hack to enable slow motion works, but produces low quality videos on most phones (eg: OP3/3T). Some phones don't support 240FPS slow motion, change it in Settings > Advanced > FIX > Init SlowMo With. - Supports xml config files

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