parrot043 Google Camera 7.2.011 v1

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  • This is a Google Camera APK port of version 7.2.011 build version HyperX_V1 ported by parrot043.

    This is a build from October 2019.

    Changelog of the GCam APK 7.2.011 parrot043 build version HyperX_V1:

    • For Android 10 ONLY!
    • For the interface was taken a device with the codename -sargo- (Pixel 3).
    • The default device for the main camera is coral -, and the device for the front camera is bullhead -.
    • FPS selection in video has been added.
    • It seems to have been enabled astrophotography mode by default.It is unknown at this time...
    • Added front camera fix for Redmi Note 5 Pro.
    • Item "Familiar faces" is activated.
    • The "shutter Sound" item is available to everyone.
    • Added 1/4 and 1/8 switch fix.
    • The portrait was removed for repairs.
    • The "Slow down" item is hidden on redmi K20/K20 PRO, MI 9, Mi 9T,Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 4x devices.
    • Item " Change the depth of field of images in social.the Internet " became available to everyone.
    • Added the item " Use a hint about the position of the phone in relation to the horizon."
    • Added "Use Google Photos" option.
    • Added "Focus tracking" item.
    • Added "Hide Motion icon" item.
    • Fixed motion feature on all smartphones.Initially, when you turn on this function took off
    • Added item "Maximum brightness".
    • Added item "compression DNG "RAW".
    • Added a proprietary "Quick settings" switch.
    • Added "Open default mode" item.
    • Added "Interface Theme" item.
    • Added item "JPG Quality".
    • Added Auto White Balance selection.
    • Added item "auto exposure Correction".
    • Added the item "exposure Compensation".
    • Added fine-tuning of saturation.
    • Added item " auto white Balance in HDR+".
    • Added Display P3.
    • Added paragraph "Use of an improved bonding of frames Sabre".
    • Sabre has been fixed completely on the Redmi Note 7.
    • Added item " auto exposure Correction in Night mode"
    • Added "night mode Hint" item.
    • Added the suppression of flicker
    • Added hue correction on front camera
    • Added "hot pixel Suppression" option.
    • Added item "Ignore black pixels".
    • Added item "UHD 4K mode" Acceleration""
    • Added item "Disable item" Slow motion"
    • Added bitrate selection
    • Fixed crash app on Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9 / Redmi K20 etc devices.
    • Added item quality selection in blur mode.

    So it was a lot of work done very fine which is barely visible to the ordinary user.

    Working on following devices:


    • Redmi Note 5 Global / Pro (#whyred)
    • Redmi Note 6 Pro (#tulip)
    • Redmi Note 7 /7S (#lavender)
    • Redmi Note 7 Pro (#violet)
    • Mi A1 (#tissot)
    • Mi A2(#jasmine)
    • Mi 5S (#capricorn)
    • Mi 6X (#wayne)
    • Mi 8 Lite(#platina)
    • Mi 6(#sagit)
    • Mi 8 (#dipper)
    • Mi 9 (#cepheus)


    • ZenFone Max Pro (M1) (#x00td)
    • ZenFone Max Pro (M2) (#ZB631KL)


    • OnePlus 3T (#oneplus3t)
    • OnePlus 5 (#oneplus5)
    • OnePlus 5T (#oneplus5t)

    LE ECO:

    • LeEco Ma X2 (#X2)
    • Leeco Le 2  (#s2)


    • Meizu Note 9 (#M923 #H/Q, #M1923)

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