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jairo_rossi GCam port 7.3.018 v1.5.2

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    This is a GCam port of base version 7.3.018 and build version v1.5.2, ported by jairo_rossi.

    This GCam port was published on March 2020.

    Changelog of the jairo_rossi's GCam port 7.3.018 build v1.5.2:

    • Added options:
    • - Exposure control - Dehaze on Libpatcher - Save photos from portrait mode to DCIM / Camera
    • Updated Libpatcher - Fixed Saturation, now works even with ISO in Off.
    • Added fix for Lag on camera (Settings - Fix and Fixes - Lag Fix.
    • Option to choose the shooting time in astro mode.
    • Auto Exposure correction, now no longer affects night mode.
    • Added support for Mi Note 10 (under test)
    • New options in libpatcher: - Luma Contrast - Chroma Contrast

      - Wavelet Spatial Denoise levels.

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