Arnova8G2 Google Camera Pixel3Mod_1.1 build.6.1.013

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  • This is a Google Camera APK port of version 6.1.013 build version Pixel3Mod_1.1 ported by Arnova8G2.

    This is a build from 8th November 2018.

    Changelog of GCam APK 6.1.013 Arnova8G2 build Pixel3Mod_1.1:

    • Fixed green tint on front camera for some device.
    • Fixed crash instantly when open the app on some device.
    • Fixed focus in Night
    • Deleting the folder for portrait mode
    • Fixed Touch focus on some device.
    • Fixed black viewfinder in Night on android 8.1 works on some device ( by BSG )
    • And some stability correction.
    • For Night Sight on android 8.1 :
      • The viewfinder is green but it works
    • For the device on viewfinder lags
      • Select HDR off after HDR +Enhanced

    Supported devices:

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