Arnova8G2 Google Camera APK 7.3.018 5beta9.200130.0245

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    This is a Google Camera APK port of version 7.3.018 build version 5beta9.200130.0245 ported by Arnova8G2.

    This is a GCam build was released on 25th January 2020 which only supports Android 10.

    Changelog of the GCam APK 7.3.018 Arnova8G2 build version 5beta9.200130.0245:

    • Android 10
    • Initial testing version of GCam 7.3
    • Much improvement in this version
    • Normally it must be compressed like the previous versions to make 50MB.
    • Motion photo as was forced by google works better, but on OP6 with jpeg and raw10 there is this bug so rawsensor works better.

    This GCam works on following devices:

    • OnePlus 6 GCam 7.3 Download

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