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Ultimate Multi Tool QcFire is the windows software that is used for flashing stock firmware of android phones having Qualcomm Chipset. This tool is for windows and you can use this software for bypassing screen locks and for many other purposes. For using Ultimate Multi Tool QcFire for Mediatek devices you need to install different tool which is used to flash stock firmware for MediaTek chipset devices. Download Ultimate Multi Tool QcFire latest version 2020 [Along with the drivers and FRP bypass Tool], read our full guide for knowing better about the installation process.

You don’t have to worry if your device is on MediaTek chipset because there is a separate tool for MediaTek devices.

Ultimate Multi Tool QcFire is the software that can easily bypass FRP  [Factory Reset Protection] by using it you can format the android device and unlock it even though without knowing password or pattern. This feature makes the Ultimate Multi Tool Qcfire very useful. For flashing Stock firmware you need to just connect your android phone via USB cable and you will get the download link for the USB drivers in the download section.

Ultimate Multi Tool 5.2

There are mainly two operations that can be performed using the Ultimate Multi Tool Qcfire like unlocking the devices without having a pattern or password and flashing the stock firmware. This software has two different versions one is for Qualcomm processor devices and another is for MediaTek devices.

If you are connecting the android phone to the windows and the device is unable to identify by the Ultimate Multi Tool then you need to install the latest USB driver of that OEM means if you are connecting any Xiaomi phone then download and install Xiaomi USB drivers. Make sure the drivers of the phone are of the latest version.

if you have an android phone having Qualcomm chipset than you can easily perform all the operations easily. You just need to install USB  Drivers of that OEM and connect your phone via USB cable and after that, you can perform various tasks easily.

Supported Windows Versions-

Ultimate Multi Tool Supports all the listed windows version and you can easily run UMT QcFire on these windows.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

You can run this software on these windows versions and the software is for both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

Features Of Ultimate Multi TOOL QcFire-

Below are the features which you will get in the UMT tool-

  • Flashing Stock Firmware – By using the ultimate multi tool you can easily flash stock firmware in your Qualcomm chipset android phone and don’t worry you can also do the same for MediaTek phone but by using the additional tool.
  • Bypass FRP Lock– Bypass FRP lock means breaking the Factory Reset Protection and by doing so you can easily format the phone and all the password and patterns protection bypasses.
  • USB Drivers– It contains the USB drivers and those will work for many of the android phones.
  • Easy To Handle – This software is totally free and you will get updates free of cost and the simple UI makes the software handier.
  • Windows Support– This software is compatible with most of the windows version, works great for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
There are a variety of other features that are not listed here because the software has many features that’s why we have listed the most useful features.

Download Ultimate Multi Tool QcFire Version 5.2 –

These all are the tools for various purposes like if you just need to flash stock firmware than download the simple version but if you want to bypass frp than download the software which can bypass FRP and you can download software variant for MediaTek devices.

How To Install Ultimate Multi Tool QcFire

  1. First of all download all the necessary Ultimate Multi Tool drivers (Rockey 200 Driver)Ultimate Multi TOOL QcFire
  2. Then you have to extract the driver zip files, if you are running on 32-bit operating system then install instDrv_stdRK200.exe and if you’re using a 64-bit operating system then use instDrv_stdRK200_64bit.exe.
  3. After that click the install button to continue and wait for the drivers to installUMT QcFire 2020
  4. Now download the Ultimate Multi Tool and install the latest version toolUltimate Multi TOOL 2020
  5. After the successful installation of Ultimate Multi Tool, you can also install different tools for performing various operations like you can use FRP bypass which is used for bypassing the Factory Reset Protection.
  6. You have now installed the normal basic version but if you want to bypass FRP protection than you need to install the FRP bypass tool.
  7. If you want to install stock firmware in MediaTek devices than install MediaTek supported Ultimate Multi tool
  8. For using the tool for MediaTek devices you have to install MediaTek tool.
After the installation process, you just need to simply connect the android phone via USB cable and make sure that the USB drivers are installed correctly. Then you can install stock firmware by selecting the stock firmware file and you can break pattern and password lock easily just by doing a simple click. 

Ultimate Multi TOOl QcFire is a great software and tool comes with stable UI and you will get free drivers within it and also other useful tools to perform various task. In my opinion, the main highlighted feature of the software is the FRP bypass feature which lets you bypass password/pattern protection.

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