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TWRP – What is TWRP Recovery | Download | Updates


This post was last updated on March 19th, 2020 at 11:22 pm

If you are looking to Download TWRP recovery for your Android phone, then here I have a list of download links of TWRP recovery for available OEMs and available models. TWRP recovery is the most popular custom Recovery for an Android device as of writing this post and here is a list of TWRP recovery Download links for almost all OEMs or brands available.

Before the TWRP recovery downloads list, here I am going to provide a few details of TWRP and features list. If you are well aware of the features or are not interested to know about TWRP, then you can directly skip to the table of TWRP Download links.

As of now the list does not have all the OEMs and all devices for a particular OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). If you don’t find a TWRP recovery for your Android Phone then either you can place a comment in this post or you can leave a reply on the respective forum post of the TWRP download list for an OEM.

TWRP Recovery Download list for Android Phone
TWRP Recovery Downloads list

What is TWRP Recovery?

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project, which is the most successful Android Custom Recovery project after CLockWork Mod recovery when it was started. As of today, TWRP recovery is probably the Only One which has a support for most of the Android Devices and for almost all OEMs.

TWRP is a custom recovery software for an Android device. Every Android phone is designed to have a manufacturer programmed recovery software in the recovery partition of the phone which is used for Software upgrade, troubleshooting the Android phone etc. Usually the default recovery software offers factory reset of the phone, clearing cache and an official software update. From the point of view of custom ROM update, the default recovery lacks a whole bunch of features or basic requirements that’s where the TWRP stands and fixes the gap.

TWRP recovery has such a great collection of features list, I decided to put all the features list in a different section altogether as below.

Features of TWRP Recovery:

– Custom recovery installation available in .zip format from internal storage
– Provides ADB sideload option to install a custom ROM or some customization zip file from a computer via ADB sideload interface.
– Current Android software BACKUP and restore option.
– Advanced wiping option for all partitions
– Internal phone memory mount option on PC. Browse phone files on PC even when connected to TWRP.
– Built-in file manager to browse files
– Built-in command console
– md5 checksum verification before installing a custom ROM

Well, the feature list has kept on growing and of course there is more to this list.



TWRP recovery list for BQ phonesDownload TWRP Recovery for BQ phone



TWRP recovery list for HTC phonesDownload TWRP Recovery for HTC phone



TWRP recovery list for Motorola phonesDownload TWRP Recovery for Motorola phone



TWRP recovery list for Samsung phonesDownload TWRP Recovery for Samsung phone



TWRP recovery list for Wileyfox phonesDownload TWRP Recovery for Wileyfox phone



TWRP recovery list for Yu phonesDownload TWRP Recovery for Yu phones



TWRP recovery list for ZTE phonesDownload TWRP Recovery for ZTE phone



TWRP recovery list for Zuk phonesDownload TWRP Recovery for Zuk phone


For more TWRP Recovery related How-to Guides:

Stay tuned or Subscribe to the TWRP Recovery Guides forum For TWRP Recovery specific How-to guides such as: how to wipe data, how to install GApps using TWRP etc.


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