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Download Stock Firmware for Evertek Phone


This post was last updated on October 4th, 2018 at 06:48 pm

This is a list of download of all available stock ROM or stock firmware for Evertek Phone. All the Evertek stock firmware download link contains direct download link and also contains respective firmware install guide.

With the help of these stock firmware you can reset your Evertek Android Phone to new like software settings. For more details you can see the below list that details out various advantages of installing a stock firmware or when you have to install stock firmware on Evertek phone.

Download Stock Firmware for Evertek Phone

Why to install Stock Firmware or ROM on Evertek Phone:

Following are some of the reasons (or sometimes benefits) why you may need to instala a stock firmware (ROM) on Evertek phone:

  • You can install stock firmware (ROM) to reset your Evertek Android phone to factory setting. Often this is also called as factory reset.
    If you are selling your phone and want to remove all the data? Installing a stock firmware will erase everything out of your Evertek phone.
  • To upgrade or downgrade the software of your phone manually.
  • If you observe slowness or performance lag on your Evertek phone
  • Install stock firmware to undo rooting.
    If you have rooted Evertek phone, then installing a stock ROM (firmware) will bring back to the non-rooted state.
    This is often required if you want to give your phone to service center for a service request. Many phones don’t take rooted Android phones for servicing.
  • To unbrick a soft or hard bricked phone.
    Sometimes, installing stock firmware is the only way when you have a soft or hard bricked your Android phone.

If you face any problem related to the above listed points or if you think that installing a stock firmware is the only solution to your phone for a problem, then you have to pick the appropriate stock firmware for your Evertek Android phone model and flash it using desired tools.

List of Stock Firmware Download for Evertek Android Phone:

Evertek EverAllure Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverAllure Firmware Download
Evertek EverAllure II Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverAllure II Firmware Download
Evertek EverClassic Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverClassic Firmware Download
Evertek EverFancy D40 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverFancy D40 Firmware Download
Evertek EverFancy III Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverFancy III Firmware Download
Evertek EverGlory Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverGlory Firmware Download
Evertek EverGlory II Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverGlory II Firmware Download
Evertek EverGlory Plus Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverGlory Plus Firmware Download
Evertek EverGlow D35 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverGlow D35 Firmware Download
Evertek EverGlow D40 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverGlow D40 Firmware Download
Evertek EverGlow D50 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverGlow D50 Firmware Download
Evertek EverMagic Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverMagic Firmware Download
Evertek EverMiracle S II Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverMiracle S II Firmware Download
Evertek EverStar Q40 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek EverStar Q40 Firmware Download
Evertek F1 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek F1 Firmware Download
Evertek M1 Mini Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek M1 Mini Firmware Download
Evertek P1 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek P1 Firmware Download
Evertek V1 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek V1 Firmware Download
Evertek V1 Mini Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek V1 Mini Firmware Download
Evertek V1 Nano Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek V1 Nano Firmware Download
Evertek V4 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek V4 Firmware Download
Evertek V6 Stock ROM / FirmwareEvertek V6 Firmware Download

How to Flash Stock ROM (firmware) on Evertek Phone:

Firmware flashing depends on the hardware of the Evertek phone.
Till now I have seen most of the Evertek phones come with Mediatek chipset. So, follow the Mediatek SP flash tool firmware flashing guide:
Mediatek Stock Firmware flash guide

Custom ROM for Evertek Mobile Phone:

If you want any custom ROM then have a look on the below custom ROM list:

Android Pie custom ROMs:


Android Oreo custom ROMs:


If you don’t find stock firmware for an Evertek phone, then you can place a request in the comment section. I will find it and make an entry in the list with appropriate sock firmware download link for the asked Evertek phone.


For more update on Evertek phones such as: rooting guides, stock firmware, stock ROM, custom ROM, etc. you can visit the Evertek Forum.

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