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Download LineageOS 17 for Supported Devices


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LineageOS 17 based on latest Android 10 is already available for many Android devices. This article lists down LineageOS 17 Download and step by step installation guide for those devices.

Visit this page frequently to know if your device has got LineageOS 17 update or not! See the below LineageOS 17 download section to know which devices have got the update yet.

Download LineageOS 17 for any Android Phone

Is it safe to install LineageOS 17?

LineageOS is the biggest, streamlined and widely used Android custom ROM maker among all. At the time of writing this article, there were more than 1.5 million active installations of various LineageOS versions on various devices across the globe. Well, this figure tells itself about the popularity of LineageOS.

Usually any Android custom ROM software will not get any monthly security update from Google. Unlike others, LineageOS team is very quick to merge security updates from AOSP to LineageOS branches. So, it is an individual developer’s responsibility to provide monthly updates in case of an UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 17, else in the case of an OFFICIAL LineageOS 17, the OTA updates come every week from LineageOS servers.

In addition, it is important to understand hat the custom ROM may have additional custom software that may be harmful and may put your personal information at risk. But the LineageOS has team has got your back on this and has clearly mentioned what data do they collect and how. For more information on their privacy policy on LineageOS ROM and other service usage and other legal stuffs you can visit their legal page.

Some of the key LineageOS 17 Features

Below are few of the major features from LineageOS 17 (excluding Android 10 features) which are listed below:

  • Customization:
    – The phone is yours. It should look the way you want it. LineageOS makes it possible.
    – Custom E-mail App
    – Custom dialer app with built-in recorder
    – Their own calculator app
  • Security:
    – Trust: helps you understand how secure is your phone which is running on LineageOS 17 and warn you, if it is not.
    – Security patches are pushed by Google if your phone is Android certified. In case of LineageOS, it is them who takes care to merge and push all the security updates to the supported phones at the earliest.
  • After OEM support and Long term support:
    – LineageOS supports devices from more that 20 OEMs.
    – LineageOS supports devices older than 2 years where many OEMs ditch support for
  • LineageOS exclusive Apps:
    – LineageOS has it’s own SDK and API set to help developer build apps exclusively for your device running on LineageOS 17.

When will my phone get LineageOS 17

Probably the most awaited and relevant question for most of the users!
Android 10 was released very recently, hence at this moment the LineageOS 17 is just similar to the AOSP release. Having said that, the official LineageOS 17 is still far away, but the unofficial LineageOS 17 builds have started come. Find you device in the below list of LineageOS 17 downloads.

I will add the official LineageOS 17 download link in the respective LineageOS 17 update guides and also in the below list once it is released. This post is updated an the availability of LineageOS 17 support and is updated very frequently.


The initial LineageOS 17 branch is ready and we have the following LineageOS 17 ROMs available for few phones. More and more Phone will be added to the LineageOS 17 supported Devices list once they will be ported by developers.

Asus LineageOS 17 Download list

Zenfone 6 (I01WD)LineageOS 17 for Zenfone 6


OnePlus LineageOS 17 Download list

OnePlus 6 (enchilada)LineageOS 17 for OnePlus 6
OnePlus 6T (fajita)LineageOS 17 for OnePlus 6T


Xiaomi LineageOS 17 Download list

Mi 6 (sagit)LineageOS 17 for Mi 6
Mi 9 (cepheus)LineageOS 17 for Mi 9
Mi A2 (jasmine_sprout)LineageOS 17 for Mi A2
Mi Mix 2 (chiron)LineageOS 17 for Mi Mix 2


If you don’t find LineageOS 17 for your Android Device, then you can search for some Android Pie or Oreo or Nougat based ROMs from the below lists.

Android Pie Custom ROMs list:

Android Oreo Custom ROMs list:

Some Android Nougat ROMs lists to search for:

LineageOS 14.1 Nougat Download
AICP 12.1 Nougat Download
OmniROM Nougat Download
Official CM14.1 Download [ABANDONED]
Unofficial CM14.1 Download [ABANDONED]


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