CyanogenMod is now Lineage OS


The most popular CyanogenMod after market Android Custom ROM is now became Lineage OS and will be lead by none other than Steve Kondik, the founder of CyanogenMod and Cyanogen OS. You may also know that recently Cyanogen Inc. was shutdown but told that the CyanogenMod will be alive but few days back the website lost it’s DNS propagation and was down.

CyanogenMod is now Lineage OS
CyanogenMod is now Lineage OS

What is Lineage OS?

Lineage OS is created by Steve Kondik and others and is a fork of CyanogenMod. If you have seen the above post where it says CyanogenMod continues to Live, is really true but not in itself. CyanogenMod has evolved in a new avatar as the Lineage OS. Eventually, developers contributing to CyanogenMod will contribute to Lineage OS. Slowly CyanogenMod will be dead by name and the Lineage OS will be popular as a custom ROM among developers and advanced users. This website is an unofficial place to get all Lineage OS ROMs for various supported devices.

More about Lineage OS:

May be the CyanogenMod and Cyanogen or Cyanogen Inc. all names belong to the investors of Cyanogen Inc and not Steve Kondik, the founder of Cyanogen Inc. and CyanogenMod. There is no name of CyanogenMod anywhere in the Lineage OS blog post where it only says:

Yes, this is us. We aren’t going anywhere.

Most of the infrastucture is not yet alive but will go live very soon. Here is the link, where you can find some more info. The post says something more will be revealed on Tuesday (which is today). Let’s see what comes out?

Where to get Lineage OS ROMs ?

This is the official Lineage OS website and this website is an UNOFFICIAL Lineage OS ROM website. Similar to CyanogenMod there will be one MIRROR website where you will find all officially built Lineage OS ROMs and for unofficial Lineage OS ROMs built by other individual devices will be found in corresponding Lineage OS 14.1 Device List page.

Stay tuned to our forums for more updates and Lineage OS ROM update guides. If you have something to say then convey your thoughts in the comment box below.

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