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Recently, we got the latest Android 11 download for many devices. So, with this update, we will also get a latest version of Google Camera or GCam for Android 11 which is expected to be the GCam 7.6. This post lists down all available compatible Android 11 GCam for various phones.

Download GCam for Android 11

If you remember, there was a GCam 7.5 that came into picture last month when cstark27 extracted the built-in Google camera app from an Android 11 beta build running on a Pixel device.

Because it is not an official release, none of the GCam developers have picked this up to work with. But recently I have got some info about the GCam 7.6 which is confirmed to have the Audio Zoom feature. More on this in the features section.

But as of now, there is no such GCam 7.5 or 7.6 ever released even after the Android 11 public release! You will find the same in this place once it is available.

So, When Android 11 GCam Will Release?

According to a report by arstechnica, Marc Levoy, the master mind behind Google Camera has stepped down from Google since May 2020. I brought this point in this context because I strongly believe that the leadership is what drives something to a worthwhile product.

With Marc, leaving the team, there might be some impact on Google Camera which we might see in the coming updates. Or, this could be the reason of delay of the Android 11 GCam release.

Having said that, as of now, there is no certainty on release of the latest Google Camera or GCam for Android 11 update. But it may be released anytime soon. Once that happens, this post will be updated accordingly.

For now we have a very initial port of GCam 7.5 that may work on Android 11. See below for the download link.

What Features to Expect on Android 11 Google Camera?

As reported by 9to5Google, if GCam 7.5 is believed as the latest update, then it is going to come with tons of features.

Below are some of the features expected to come in the next GCam update. But of course, this list is not final and may have some features added or dropped.

Audio Zoom

A similar feature which was introduced in Galaxy Note 10 (correct me if I am wrong). This is like capturing the audio only from the area that is in the view finder.
It is possible that this feature may need some sort of hardware support. If this happens, this would be deemed useless for almost all.

It is confirmed that the latest GCam 7.6 that is found on Google Pixel 5, is going to have the Audio Zoom feature as shown in the below images.

Motion Blur

When an object in motion is captured looks as blurred, this is what is called as motion blur. When you capture photos having a lower shutter speed, you can capture motion blur photos.
In movie making, usually the shutter speed is kept twice as the FPS (frames per second) to create such blur effects.

9to5Google has been tracking this feature since GCam 7.0 which was released around the Android 10 update. It is possible that this time this feature might be released.

Flash Intensity

I saw this on older CyanogenMod builds where the torch light app has an intensity setting for the LED flash. Basically we either turn on or off the flash light. But with this, you can set the exact amount of light that you want to use from the flash light.

In a situation where turning on or off the flash overexposes or underexposes the photo respectively, can now be controlled by controlling the flash intensity.

Video Sharing

In an era of online streaming, this feature is very much handy when available right from the camera preview window. This is just like the existing Image share feature that allows you to send an image to a supported social media app.

Well, it is quite obvious from the above features that Google is making a camera app for the professional photographers and movie makers. And obviously this would be a very practical application of the camera app if it capable of doing so.

Where to Download Google Camera | GCam for Android 11?

As of now, GCam 7.5 that could run on Android 11, but it is not released officially by Google. In addition, it does not seem to work on any phone other than a Pixel. So, on paper, GCam 7.4 is the latest that is available as of now and could be tried on phones running on Android 11.

For now, there is only a handful of GCam ports avalable for Android 11, but eventually this space will have more Android 11 GCam ports once ported by developers!

Having said that, let’s look at the compatible GCam ports available for Android 11.

GCam 7.5 for Android 11

The GCam 7.5 port is brought to you by cstark27

GCam 7.4 for Android 11

GCam 7.4 by Arnova8G2 is reported to be working on Zenfone Max Pro M2 LineageOS 18 which is an Android 11 update.
You can try the same on your Android 11 ROM to see if it works!

For a wide range of device specific GCam ports you can always look into the below link:
Google Camera

Compatible Android 11 GCam Download for phones

The below list contains compatible GCam for Android 11 phones. You can scroll down through the entire list which is organized by phone manufacturer and model name to find a compatible Google camera port for your phone running on Android 11.

ASUS Android 11 GCam Support

Zenfone Max Pro M2 Android 11 GCam for Zenfone Max Pro M2
– Compatible Versions: 7.4


How to Install GCam on Android 11?

This APK file is installed like other android application file and no special instruction is needed to follow.

That’s all on this latest GCam update for Android 11. If you have any issue running any ported GCam on your Android 11 phone, just leave a comment to get a reply back from us.


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