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Lineage OS 15 ROM Devices List [EARLY ACCESS]

Are you looking for Lineage OS 15 (Android O) for your device, seriously?? Well, let me tell you, it is too early to get Lineage OS 15 (based on Android O) for your device because the Android O source code is not yet released to the public and if you see closely, there are many devices which have not yet got Lineage OS 14.1 ROM or even Lineage OS 13 ROM. If you are pointing me at other web links which claim to have some Lineage OS 15 supported for many devices, then just go and get it ASAP before it disappears ! Don’t be sad, because I know the lineage OS 15 will be available one day for sure after public release of Android O (Android version 8) source code. You just need to stay subscribed to this page, that’s all you have to do.

Android O based Lineage OS 15 ROM devices list
Android O based Lineage OS 15 ROM devices list

What is Lineage OS 15 ROM??

Well, Lineage OS 15 is a custom ROM made by Lineage OS team, a group of Android enthusiasts who earlier developed CyanogenMod ROM and the Cyanogen OS. Lineage OS 15 is based on Android O (Android 8.0), which is the upcoming Android version. Lineage OS 15 packs some additional features over stock Android O, as always. I will try to list out all the additional features here when it will be available.

This page is dedicated to maintain the available Lineage OS 15 (Android O) ROMs available till date, just like we had the Lineage OS 14.1 list of devices and the Lineage OS 13 list of devices. For now this page may not have a great list count of Lineage 15 ROMs accumulating for all the available devices but eventually this list will grow bigger and bigger. Just stay tuned to this post if you want the latest Lineage OS 15 (Android O) ROM for your Android device. It is not guaranteed that your device will get an update of Lineage OS 15 but you can hope for the best. Always !!

What about official Lineage OS 15 ROM for available devices:

You may also know that the Official Lineage 13 and Lineage OS 14.1 NIGHTLY builds are also getting released for different devices. There will be no separate page maintained for an official LINEAGE OS 15 (Android O) builds for available devices in a separate update guide or a separate page. Individual pages will be updated with official Lineage OS 15 but where an official build is not available, will only have Unofficial Lineage OS 15 (Android O) ROM builds.

Add-on links required after flashing Lineage OS 15 ROM:

As always the Lineage OS 15 ROM does not come with pre-installed GApps (Google Applications) because of Copyright issue and now Lineage team has removed the inbuilt SupreSu binary from the ROM to be accessible by Applications. So, you need an extra Lineage OS 15 GApps and SuperSU binary to be flashed after the Lineage OS 15 (Android O) ROM flashing. Links will be updated for Lineage OS 15 GApps and Lineage OS 15 rooting guide.

If you are looking for Lineage OS 15 ROM for your device then just check out the below list. Here goes the list of ROMs and daily update info:

List of Available Lineage OS 15 ROM based on Android O ROMs for all devices by Android OEMs (Arranged Alphabetically):


As Lineage OS 15 (Android O) is not yet available, we just have updated the Android O developer preview of few Google devices in the list. The list will have all available Lineage OS 15 ROMs for various devices the moment we will have access to them.

[Android O device updates on March 2017]

  • Added Android O stok ROM for following Google devices:
    – Pixel
    – Pixel XL
    – Nexus 5x
    – Nexus 6p


Google Lineage OS 15 (Android O) ROM devices list

Nexus 5x (bullhead)Android O Dev Preview for Nexus 5x
Nexus 6p (angler)Android O Dev Preview for Nexus 6p
Pixel (sailfish)Android O Dev Preview for Pixel
Pixel XL (marlin)Android O Dev Preview for Pixel XL
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