Vivo X50 Pro Stock Wallpaper Download (FHD+)


Recently the Vivo X50 Pro was released with a Snapdragon 765G processor with a FHD+ display of resolution 1080 x 2376. In this post I have brought you direct link to download Vivo X50 Pro wallpaper with the same FHD+ resolution.

Android offers many customization option such as applying themes, changing launcher apps, Live wallpepers etc. Out of which, applying wallpapers is also a way by which you can turn your Android phone to reflect your personality and mood.

If you are fond of customizing your Android phone or else changing different wallpapers very frequently, then I am sure you will not be disappointed from these Vivo X50 Pro wallpapers.

Vivo X50 Pro Wallpaper Download

Vivo X50 Pro Wallpapers Preview

Below are all available wallpapers from Vivo X50 Pro which you will be getting as part of this download. A total of 15 images is what you will get.

These wallpapers are just for preview. These are compressed and resized to fit in this frame of this post.
As said earlier, the actual wallpapers are available in 1080 x 2376 FHD+ resolution which is equal to that of Vivo X50 Pro display resolution.

Wallpaper Resolution and Other Info

Resolution: 1080 x 2376 (FHD+)
Number of Wallpapers: 15
Total Download size: 15.8 MB

As these are all FHD+ resolution, you can easily use on any phone with a similar FHD+ or lower resolution display.

Vivo X50 Pro Wallpaper Download

Below link contains the actual wallpapers in a zip file format so that you do not have to download each wallpaper one by one.
Visit the below link to download the full FHD+ resolution Vivo X50 Pro stock wallpapers.

X50 Pro Wallpaper Download

Other Topics Related to Vivo X50 Pro

Along with the wallpapers from Vivo X50 Pro, we also have the GCam available for the phone. You can get it from the below link:
GCam for Vivo X50 Pro

Other Stock Wallpaper Downloads

That’s not all, yet! If you are interested on wallpapers, you can download some more stock wallpapers from other phones listed below

That’s all on downloading Vivo X50 Pro stock wallpapers for any Android phone. You can always visit the Vivo X50 Pro to get more device specific topics such as GCam, LineageOS, Rooting etc.

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