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No Ads, Timer Camera Pro, HD Camera, Timer option, Burst mode with High Resolution, Real-time filters, Image to Video(mp4), Video stamp (on Frame Video)
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May 21, 2021
6.0 and up
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Image to Video(mp4), Video Stamp, Timer Camera Pro, HD Camera, Timer option, Burst mode with High Resolution, Real-time filters, Image to Video(mp4) (on Frame Video), everything in this single Premium Camera app.

Of course we have this GCam apk with a lot of features but this app has some cool features that helps in some scenarios practically which is not available in any other camera app.

Obviously it cannot just be explained in a single statement., let’s look at some examples.

Premium Camera Pro - Mod APK

Some use cases with examples

Example 1: * You can use a timer to shoot a sequence of images.
Every 10 seconds, it will capture 30 photographs.

Setting —- Burst —- Number of photos: 1 (30x)

2. Time between taking pictures:
—- Interval in burst mode —- (10s)

3. Press the camera’s shutter button.

Example 2: Every day, between 8.30 a.m. and 8.30 p.m., it takes a photograph every 10 minutes.

1. Set a timer (trigger) for 8:30 a.m. every day.

2. It must be burst with Off

3. Personalized Burst

You can put 72 (it will take multiple photos, 72 numbers, 12 hours = 10minutes X 72) (it will take multiple images, 72 numbers, 12 hours = 10minutes X 72) (it will take multiple images, 72 numbers, 12 hours = 10minute

4. Interval between bursts in burst mode

10m is a good choice (10minutes interval)

Example 3: It will take 10 minutes of video every day at 8:00 a.m.

Set the camera’s video button to 0.

1. Set a timer (trigger) at 8:00 a.m. every day.

2. Placement

3. Change the video settings…

4. Video’s maximum length

Choose 10 minutes.

Some key features of the Premium Camera Pro app

* There are no ads.
* There is a timer option with a clock.

* There’s a burst mode.

* Photo filters that are applied in real time.

* Video filters that are applied in real time.

* Video to Image (mp4)

* Stamp with a video (on Frame Video)

* Auto-stabilization option so your photos are always exactly level.

* Zoom with a multi-touch motion or a single touch.

* On/off/auto/torch flashing.

* Focus modes to choose from (including macro).

* Use your finger to select the focus and metering area.

* A face detection option is available.

* Option to use a front or back camera.

* Select scene modes, colour effects, white balance, and exposure compensation from the drop-down menus.

* JPEG image quality and camera and video resolution options.
All of the camera’s resolutions are supported.
On some devices, 4K UHD (3840×2160) video is also supported (experimental – may not work on all devices!).

* Making a video (with optional audio).

* Burst mode with a delay that can be adjusted.

* The shutter can be silenced.

The graphical user interface (GUI) operates in any orientation and does not pause when changing orientation.
Option to optimise for users who are left or right-handed.

* Volume keys that can be customised (to take picture, zoom, or change exposure compensation).

* Save folder selection (but note that in Android 4.4, Google has disabled write access to external SD cards; see ).

* On-screen display can be customised to indicate battery life, time, remaining device memory, camera angle, and direction, as well as the option to overlay a variety of grids (including “rule of thirds”).

The preview aspect ratio can be modified to either maximise the preview display size or match the photo/video resolution’s aspect ratio (so what you see is what is actually recorded).

* Optional photo geotagging (GPS location tagging), with compass direction (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef).

* External microphones are supported (may not be supported by all devices).

Unlike other Android apps, instructions are accessible at

(Some features may not be available on all devices due to hardware limitations or Android version differences.)

Please email or post at if you run across any problems or have any recommendations for improvements.

Privacy Statement:
Geotagging photos requires location permission, which is disabled by default.
Your location is encoded in the saved image files if you allow it (and it is only used for this purpose).

Premium Camera Pro Mod Details:

The Mod APK version of the game brings you the following additions:

  • Pro / Full version

Where to Download Premium Camera Pro Mod APK file?

Visit the Downloads section to download the mod APK.

How to Install Premium Camera Pro APK (Mod) on Android?

  1. Get the Premium Camera Pro Mod APK file from the above download link
  2. Install the Split APK installer app and then install this APK using that. (or) follow the below instructions
  3. Enable app install from Unknown Sources to install apps from a third-party app other than Google Play Store.

    To do that go to Settings and search the word unknown

    – For Android Nougat or lower version click on Unknown sources and enable that setting.

    Enable Unknown apps on Android Nougat and lower

    – For Android Oreo or later, clicking on Install unknown apps which will take you to a list of apps. Select the actual app through which you want to install the Premium Camera Pro mod app.

    Enable Unknown apps on Android Oreo and later

    Or you can do it other way: Let’s say, you have downloaded the Mod APK on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone.

    Go to Settings > Apps & notifications or go to Settings > search for unknown > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source

    See the below screenshots that enables to install unknown apps on Oreo for Chrome app (you need to enable on the app from where you want to install the apk):

    Enable unknown sources to install app

  4. Once enabled, tap on the apk file to install

Download links

v10.12.05 Mod APK

Visit the Description section below to find a step-by-step guide on how to install this APK or Zip file.

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