Pantech Element Roms


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These are links to the more popular Pantech Element ROMs that we have chosen to be the best around the net. ROMs, Read Only Memory, is basically flashing a new custom OS on your device. You’ll have to decide whether the new features and general feel is right for you so take your time a play around with different ROMs. You may want to see what others had to say or you can even ask in the forums what others think would be the best ROMs to use. These may not always be 100% up to date but following the links will take you to the updated thread where ever it may be. Remember there is always a risk that you can brick your device or render it useable. As such, Root at your own risk. Neither myself, nor are responsible should anything happen to your device. Have fun!

Pantech Element Roms:

Coming Soon. Please bookmark this page and check back for new roms.

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I am a Software Engineer by profession. I have worked with few big companies, such as: BROADCOM Corporation, Cypress Semiconductor, LSI Corporation, TOSHIBA Corporation, Western Digital; on various cutting edge technologies and product lines, such as: RAID storage Driver, SSD Firmware, WLAN Firmware etc. Having more than 9 years of experience in Software Engineering domain. Now contributing to the Custom ROMs community by bringing various Custom ROMs to the end users, developed by thousands of developers across the globe.


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