LG will launch PuriCare Wearable Electric Mask at IFA 2020!

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Many shows around the Globe got canceled due to the on-going COVID 19 pandemic. Although countries like India still has a huge spike in COVID cases, while most of the European countries are coming back to the original life. But yeah, we can see Masks and sanitizers with every person around the globe. Germany is all set to conduct IFA in Berlin which will be starting from September 3. If you are unaware of IFA, it is Europe’s largest tech show, where different brands will showcase their innovative products. Interestingly, LG will be bringing an interesting gadget that is apt for the current situation.

LG PuriCare Electric Mask!

LG will be launching an electronic mask that is damn futuristic. The brand calls this mask as LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier. The brand has used two H13 HEPA filters in the mask, which is the same filter used by the brand itself in its Air Purifiers. Apart from this, there are dual fans and a respiratory sensor that will filter the air. This means that the users can breathe fresh air with the mask. There are also sensors that will measure the volume of breath and will adjust according to this need.

The fans available in the mask will also help while breathing and exhaling, and it will be effortless. LG also adds that the new mask will fit into the user’s face without any issues. That said, there will be no free space around the chin and nose. Further, it packs a large 820mAh battery which will last only for two hours, if it is working in high mode. If you guys switch it to low mode, then it’ll last for eight hours.

There are UV-LED lights that will destroy harmful viruses, sends a notification to the LG app, charge the mask. The app is available for both Android and iOS. LG will also include a carry case for the same.


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