How to root 3.2 on US WiFi & Verizon 3G XOOM! (Windows and Mac)


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  • You must already be running Honeycomb 3.2 on your Xoom
  • You will be unlocking your Xoom, if you have not already. This will wipe data so make sure to back everything up that you would like to keep.
  • You will need XOOM USB drivers and the Android SDK
  • You will need the WIFI boot (kernel) partition with rooted stock 3.2 kernel
  • OR You will need the 3G Verizon boot (kernel) partition with rooted stock 3.2 kernel
  • You will need Superuser.apk and su binary to enable functioning root

**Before you get started, make sure the USB Debugging option is enabled in the Settings. Go to Settings –> Applications –> Development –>USB Debugging**

Procedure to Root Verizon 3G XOOM on Windows

You will need the ADB Fastboot for Windows

  • Download and unzip files. Place rootboot.img, superuser.apk & su binary in the /platform-tools folder located in the SDK.
  • Open command window in /platform-tools: (Shift + Right Click)
  • Type; adb devices – you should see a long serial number on the screen. If no serial number appears, recheck your adb, sdk & moto usb driver files.
  • Type; adb reboot bootloader
  • Type; fastboot oem unlock – and follow the steps on your xoom’s screen (Follow on screen directions. This will VOID your warranty and Wipe all data)
  • Allow the xoom to boot up completely and go back into settings and enable USB debugging again.
  • In the command window on your PC type; adb reboot bootloader – (if xoom does not respond, disconnect from pc and reboot manually by holding vol up + power. then reconnect after fully rebooted)
  • Type; fastboot flash boot rootboot.img (for WiFi)
  • OR Type; fastboot flash boot 3Grootboot.img (for 3G Verizon)
  • Type; fastboot reboot
  • Allow the xoom to boot completely – your xoom should be in normal operating mode for the remainder of the process.
  • In the command window on your PC type; adb remount
  • Type; adb push su /system/bin
  • Type; adb shell
  • Type; ln -s /system/bin/su /system/xbin/su (this line starts with lower case “L”, like llama)
  • Type; chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
  • Type; exit
  • Type; adb push Superuser.apk /system/app

Procedure to Root Verizon 3G XOOM on MAC

You will need the ADB Fastboot for Mac

  • Open a terminal (located in the utilities folder)
  • Navigate to your sdk/platform-tools folder
  • Type; ./adb devices – (look for the xoom serial number to show its connected.)
  • Type; ./adb reboot bootloader
  • Type; chmod 755 fastboot
  • Type; ./fastboot oem unlock
  • Type; adb reboot bootloader
  • Type; ./fastboot flash boot rootboot.img
  • Type; ./fastboot reboot
  • Type; ./adb remount
  • Type; ./adb push su /system/bin
  • Type; ./adb shell
  • Type; chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
  • Type; exit
  • Type; ./adb push Superuser.apk /system/app

Thats it…you’re done!! Unplug the xoom and reboot. Your xoom is now stock rooted.

You can now install GCam APK, flash ClockworkMod, TWRP, other kernels and roms like LineageOS etc.

To verify root, download Root Checker APK from the link.

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