Google and Microsoft joins for improving web apps on Android!

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As you know, there are a lot of Operating systems available in the market starting from Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, macOS, and many others. All these have enough developers for developing stuff like frameworks and other tools. But there are lesser no. of developers for developing web apps that will work on every OS.

The new generation of web apps is called Progressive Web Apps aka PWA’s. What’s interesting here is that two of the world’s giants i.e. Google & Microsoft have joined together for working for the betterment of PWA’s. Soon, PWAs will be the top apps in stores like Google Play Store.

Web apps!

With the trend, a lot of apps that we see today have already moved into web apps. The major advantage of web apps is that they can as much as bases as they think, and sometimes it will work even on mobile browsers. What I remember now is a course that I’d done in 2017. A few years back, IIT Madras had conducted an online course regarding the development of web apps.

In fact, I’d made some sample web apps as part of the course. Hopefully, I don’t remember how did I build those things now :-P. What I meant with this is that how futuristic were their vision. That is, teaching people the development of web apps back in 2017 itself.

For the better working of PWAs, it should have properly integrated with the OS, and then only it will work without any flaws. For building PWAs, Microsoft’s PWABuilder and Google’s Bubblewrap were used. And, now they’re joining hands for the better development of PWAs on mobile. Google’s Bubblewrap is a tool used to create Google Play Store packages out of PWAs while Microsoft’s PWABuilder does the same job for most of the app stores. Interestingly, PWABuilder is now using Bubblerwrap under the hood, Microsoft says, and, in turn, it is giving back some integration features for PWAs to work smoothly on Android.

PWAs; the future!

To be more precise, the PWAs which was made for Google Play Store will be capable of supporting web shortcuts. It will allow users for jumping directly to specific sections or parts of the web app. And in Windows, these types of shortcuts appear as jump lists, and you can see this when you right-click on the icon in the taskbar. Further, in Android, the same list will appear, when you hold and press the app icon. In addition to this, the PWAs will be able to control the appearance of the status bar. Say example, like changing its color to match with the app’s theme, just like regular native Android apps. Interesting isn’t it?

Both Microsoft and Google have individual intentions behind this joint process. For Google, they get benefits from PWAs by having a single app store. It will encompass all of its existing platforms and then uses the Web. Microsoft on the other hand joined this because of overcoming the lack of apps in its store. They will let the existing apps to be published as PWAs. So yeah, both of them has perfect intention behind this joint program.

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