• November 2019

Download Google Camera APK port built by San1ty


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Google Camera APK (GCam) port is popular among many android users. This is an article that lists down all available Google Camera APK ported by San1ty.

Google Camera is a camera application available exclusively on older Google Nexus and newer Google Pixel devices. This camera app is popular for its unmatched software processing such as HDR+, Night Sight mode, Portrait mode etc. that produces DSLR like images on a handheld mobile devices which comes with a tiny sensor. I mean, that’s just amazing!

Because it is exclusively available on Google android devices and its outstanding features, it has attracted many developers to port it to work on other Android devices. On the other hand other android users are also keen to install it and get these awesome Google camera app features on their devices, which has made it even popular.

Download Google Camera APK port built by San1ty

About San1ty’s Google Camera APK ports

From all the developers out there who port this Google Camera app, San1ty is a well known name. San1ty’s GCam APK ports are compatible on various phone such as: Moto G5 Plus, Pocophone F1, and some other Xiaomi and OnePlus phones.

Google Cam APK port download built by San1ty:


GCam APK port 7.0 by San1ty

GCam APK 7.0.009 build v10.1Google Camera APK 7.0.009 build 10.1
– GCam APK version: 7.0.009
– San1ty build version: v10.1


GCam APK port 6.2 by San1ty

GCam APK 6.2.030 build v9.4aGoogle Camera APK 6.2.030 build 9.4a
– GCam APK version: 6.2.030
– San1ty build version: v9.4a


How to know which GCam APK is better for your device?

Nothing is certain for any device as these Google camera APK ports are not built by keeping one specific device in mind. If a bug fix is found for one device, then the same is applied in the next version. Also if another dev has some fix or some feature ported then the same might also be ported by San1ty.

So, there are two factors that will help you decide which Google Camera APK port of San1ty might be best for your device is as following:
– The latest Google Camera version
– The latest San1ty’s GCam port available
– If the above does not give the best result, try older versions
– If still not satisfied, you can have a look on the universal list of Google Camera APK download page

That’s all for now. If you have found any problem on any Google Camera APK port on your device, then you can put it here with a log file and I will try to pass this on to San1ty.

Stay tuned to get more of GCam APK updates, Android 10, LineageOS 17 updates etc.


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