(update) Vivo V11 Pro receives Funtouch OS 10 in India! Here is the list of Vivo devices that received update so far!

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As you guys know, we have been updating this article which contains all the details of updates regarding Funtouch OS 10 update for Vivo smartphones. The latest device to get the same is Vivo V11 Pro. The device was launched by the brand back in 2018. This is the second major update for the device.

The new update comes with the version number 8.7.11 and weighs over 3.29GB. You don’t need to worry about seeing the size. This is the common size of a major update for the custom UI skins. The update will be soon rolled out to markets other than India. The users of the smartphone have shared the screenshot of the update.

We have already discussed the new features that are present in the update. For that, you can scroll down and read the same. Sadly, there is no link to the manual update. The Android 10 update for the device is under greyscale testing and will take some time to reach your unit. Similarly, Vivo is also conducting the greyscale test of Vivo V15 Pro. However, we will post the detailed changelog here.

Changelog of Android 10 update of Vivo V11 Pro!


  • Upgraded Android 10 to improve system performance.

The brand new UI design of Funtouch OS 10 will present with the most real and the most natural sensory experience.

Dynamic Effects

  • Added a variety of dynamic effects allowing you to customize your own dynamic style freely in the Dynamic Effects menu in Settings.


  • Merged the interfaces for the compass and the spirit level to improve efficiency.


  • Added exchange rate conversion function to help you quickly convert between different currencies.

Old Story Continues!

Vivo is one of the slowest OEM to give Android updates. While most of the brands have already finished giving Android 10 updates, Vivo has only started rolling out the same for its smartphones. The new update is rolling out on top of Funtouch OS 10 which brings several UI changes, and improvements.

As of now, Vivo has rolled out Android 10 updates for its smartphones like Vivo Nex 3 5G, Vivo iQOO, Vivo Z1x/ Z1 Pro, Vivo V17/ V17 Pro, Vivo V15 Pro, Vivo S5, Vivo Z5/Z5x, and Vivo S1 Pro. Back in May 2020, Vivo has started the beta recruitment aKa internal testing for its smartphones like Vivo X30, and Vivo S1. The program has started on May 16 and had ended on June 15. Earlier, the Android 10 update for Vivo S1 was reported to be live in June. While the Pro version i.e. the S1 Pro has already started getting Funtouch OS 10 based on Android 10 update.

Further, a recent report suggests that the open beta of Funtouch OS 10 for Vivo S1 is already live in China. The report also suggests that open beta has already started for other Vivo smartphones like X30/X30 Pro, and Z3x. An official announcement from Vivo looks like this:-

Dear friends, V fans

Discover more beautiful Funtouch OS 10 open beta!

Want to be a member of the “open beta experience officer”?

Want to be the first to experience Funtouch OS 10?

Welcome to join the public beta experience officer team!

As said, the open beta for these smartphones is live, and its recruitment has ended back on June 20. It was announced that the open beta for these devices will be live on June 22. The brand has started rolling out the update on the same date. The exact date of Vivo S1 wasn’t mentioned while the announcement of open beta came. However, yesterday the brand has started rolling out the beta update for S1. The update comes with the version number 6.9.17 and weighs over 3.45GB.

Beta update for Vivo S1

We’ve got the changelog for all these devices X30/ X30 Pro, S1 & Z3x. It comes with a ton of changes.

Changelog for X30/X30 Pro


1. The system version is upgraded to Android 10, and the bottom layer is upgraded to further improve the system performance and stability

2. 2. Optimize the permission management and control capabilities, third-party apps need higher permissions to read device data, and enhance the protection of user privacy data

[i music]

1. Add copyright cooperation content of “See Music” app, the music library is more abundant

2. 2. Add a live broadcast function entry to watch live broadcast quickly

3. 3. Add Hi-Res area to enjoy high quality and good music

4. 4. New discounts for bulk purchases of listening books, more buy more more discounts

5. 5. Optimize the homepage search function, add popular search, new song recommendation

6. 6. Optimize the intelligent recommendation algorithm only to understand you better


1. New smart desktop card management function

2. 2. Added Jovi voice chat mode

3. 3. New game recommendation function

4. 4. Optimize the homepage layout and information display method

5. 5. Optimize the detailed experience of the public WLAN function, the information presentation is more accurate

6. 6. Optimize the homepage layout of the driving scene, support custom lock screen card

[Set up]

Added screen usage time function to help you understand mobile phone screen usage history


1. New game recommendation every day

2. 2. Optimize the content display method of the discovery page, add the “selected information” module content

[i housekeeper]

1. Added system cache garbage cleaning function

2. 2. Added safety newsletter to provide you with protection knowledge and enhance safety awareness

Changelog for S1, and Z3x

[system version]

The system version was upgraded to Funtouch OS 10 & Android 10, and the bottom layer was upgraded to further improve the system performance and stability.


1. The Jovi homepage has a new look. The new Jovi homepage presents all kinds of information more intuitively in front of your eyes, making it easy for you to spend every day.

2. 2. Update the driving scene function, Jovi voice, rich shortcuts, call broadcast and other functions will bring you a more convenient experience in the driving environment.

3. 3. Jovi Internet of Things upgrade, combined with AI capabilities, can now automatically discover smart hardware at home or office to help you quickly connect to the device and intelligently control your smart hardware through voice and scene settings.

[Smart Desktop]

Wisdom Meng Chong supports verbal chat, and communicate with your beloved Meng Chong through voice.

[Quick Center]

Add a shortcut to clear desktop corners with one click, so that the desktop becomes clear instantly.


Added double-speed playback function to improve playback speed and listen to recordings more efficiently.


Added exchange rate conversion function, online real-time exchange rate data, more convenient to understand the exchange rate when going abroad and cross-border.

[Set up]

Optimized the processing logic of some menu levels and some menu functions.

We hope that Vivo will soon release the stable Android 10 update for these smartphones. According to some sources, all the above-stated phones are also eligible for the next Android 11 update.


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