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    I have the Lineage OS 16 on Samsung S5 and just installed Lineage OS 17 but the mobile network on the Samsung S5 has a sim card and this build of OS 17 is saying (no sim card) no matter how many times installed so it make’s the mobile network useless

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    Installed twice 1st time failed using brunowp8 ROM version, GPS Function never worked always crashed. the 2nd time well I have finally gotten my S5 to run flawlessly with everything working (yes even GPS)!

    I started off by downloading TRWP 3.22.0 then download HaggerTK’s ROM Version
    then download the GApps

    when you have those items downloaded onto your SD card simply install TWRP using Odin 3.13 if it is not installed yet


    boot into Recovery mode PWR+HOME+VolumeUP

    if installed right TWRP Recovery mode will boot instead of original Recovery mode

    go to wipe then click advanced wipe and check dalvik cache, system, data, cache (DO NOT FORMAT YOUR PHONE) Formatting erases the GPS App needed and any other Apps that your system needs in order to run programs that Android 9 does not Install

    Now Install lineageOS 16.0 and the GApps then reboot

    first thing I checked when it booted up was the GPS and it worked for me so I’m just giving friendly advice to those who are struggling with it feel free to throw some questions my way I will answer them the best I can



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)