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    Congratulations for this mod. I’ll leave some comments that may help people here.

    I tried to install this mod in many different ways, and got many different problems.

    1) Tried with TWPR twrp-3.2.3-1-potter.img and installed LOS 16 + opengapps 9.0

    Used: lineage-16.0-20181007-UNOFFICIAL-potter / lineage-16.0-20181107-UNOFFICIAL-potter / open_gapps-arm64-9.0-nano-20190409

    I got some encryption problem… it requested a password, I put “default_password”, it said password was fine, but something else was broken. When I tried to wipe partition on TWPR I got some errors. So, I downgraded TWPR

    2) Tried with twrp-3.2.1-1-potter_crypto.img and installed LOS 16 + opengapps 9.0

    Used: MindTheGapps-9.0.0-arm64-20180809_192137 / MindTheGapps-9.0.0-Unofficial-arm64-20180818 / MindTheGapps-9.0.0-arm64-20190216_211116 / open_gapps-arm64-9.0-nano-20190409

    Now I passed encryption part. After it requested my wifi connection, it connected but got stuck on “checking for updates…” forever. I rebooted many times, wiped out everything and tried again. No success.

    I heard it might be a problem with opengapps, so I tried MindTheGapps too… tried too many versions, but no progress. I reverted TWPR to the newest version again, but also no progress.

    3) Finally, tried with TWPR twrp-3.2.3-1-potter.img and installed LOS 15.1 + open_gapps 8.1

    This was the only way I got it working on potter Moto G5 Plus: installing  lineage-15.1-20190408-UNOFFICIAL-potter with open_gapps-arm64-8.1-nano-20190409.

    I guess this was the post:

    Using this tutorial, I managed to pass the wifi situation, but noticed there’s no tray bar anymore. Since there’s no “back” button, or anything else, I thought it was another bug on the system!

    4) Configuration of biometric reader to perform “back” and other operations

    OPTION 1: I needed to find “Settings” on top screen, and go to “Moto Actions”, to add “gestures on biometric sensor”. I defined a single click as “back”, double click as “home” and long click as “recent”.

    OPTION 2: Go to “Settings” on top screen, then “System” -> “Buttons” -> “Enable screen navigation bar”. This is more “classic” (three buttons on screen), but also consumes part of the screen.


    This was the necessary steps to make it work on my Moto G5 Plus. Hope this helps others, and I hope I manage to go to LOS 16 soon enough :)

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