Here is How To Download Xiaomi MiFlash Tool. Download Link of Latest Versions

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    If you are looking for How to Download Xioami’s MiFlash Tool to unlock bootloader, flash stock Mi ROMs then you are at the right place. The MiFlash tool is a flashing Utility like the Samsung’s Odin and LG’s LG UP Flash Tool and supports all latest Xiaomi devices.

    Xiaomi MiFlash Tools Download Link

    Why do you need Xiaomi’s MiFlah tool:

    Unlike older Xiaomi devices which had unlocked bootloaders, the new Xiaomi phones and tablets come with locked bootloaders which you need to request Xiaomi to unlock.
    Unlocking the bootloader is mandatory if you want to gain ROOT access or install any Custom ROMs on your Xiaomi phone or tablet. Thanks to Mi Flash Unlock Tool, via which now you can easily Unlock Bootloader Of Xiaomi Devices.

    The MiFlash Tool alone cannot unlock the bootloader. You must be registered at miui website and applied for the bootloader unlock of your device.

    Download link to Xiaomi MiUnlock and MiFlash Tool:

    MiUnlock 1.1.0317_en download link (To unlock bootloader if you already have permission)
    Mi Phone/Flash Utilities 20151028 (Required to flash MIUI Fastboot files)


    The latest MiFlash Tool was downloaded successfully but I was unable to install that on my 64-bit Windows 7 PC. Where as the requirements as per this post says: currently this version supports only 64 bit PC and Window XP doesn’t Supported, you need to have at least Window 7. So, if it does not work for you, then try on other PC(s).

    The 1.1.0317 version of MiUnlock tool is supported for Redmi Note 3, Mi 4c or Mi Note Pro on latest Developer ROM. I will strongly recommend you not to try with other phones, if you do then do it at your own risk.

    That’s all for now. If you have downloaded this MiFlash tool then install the application and then go back and complete your bootloader unlock or Xiaomi stock ROM flashing or complete wherever you left off.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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