Request Lineage for Samsung J2 Prime (SM-G532M)

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    Hi, my name it´s Frank and I love the LineageOS Proyect.

    Since two years ago I have wait a Lineage ROM for this device, in XDA forums find a development proyect since one year ago and people try work in that but this proyect was totally abandoned, some many people make only Deodexed ROM´s but that ROM´s still have bug´s and so many apps non optimized (in this group I talk of Samsung apps like Knox and others).
    Why make a LineageOS ROM to this device? It’s not for popularity, it´s because his resources are really lower than others devices, this device with the Stock ROM only leaves free 1,5GB free to install apps of 8GB main storage without install anything, so many tricks I made like migrate apps to SD after root the device but thats not enough because when playstore actualize apps that they come back to the main storage.
    That´s the reason why I´m request you guys please make this possible.

    I appreciate your attention to this message and I beg you please help many people with this.

    P.S: I send you the link of the abandoned proyect.


    I hope LineageOS for j2 prime (SM-G532G-M) become possible, I have no idea on how to contribute to this project but I will patiently wait for this. Thanks to you sir coz you made this post :D .


    I don’t know why the ROM for the Samsung g532. you’re so pathetic

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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