Noob question: Lineage or other roms not available for Fairphone 1 (2nd Batch)?


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    I have a Fairphone 1 (2nd Batch) from a friend. Is there no rom out there which I can install on it? Does LineageOS really only run on Fairphone 2??

    I’d be very happy about some advice.




    Well, Fairphone has abandoned any kind of update for Fairphone 1, software, hardware parts and literally everything.

    Mediatek was not agree to release the kernel source but eventually released and hence the FP 1 has got KitKat update.

    The last unofficial update to the FP 1 is from chrmhoffmann (christian hoffmann) which is the CyanogenMod 11 based on Android KitKat.
    You can find the details here:

    I don’t see any details there after for the Fairphone 1 on custom ROM update.

    It’ not like LineageOS only runs on FP 2. The fact is, there might not be any developer left with a FP 1 to port the latest LineageOS to it. That’s it.

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    Hi shibaa987,

    thanks so much for your reply!

    Does that mean that many apps won’t work on it and that there might be security issues, because it’s quite old?

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