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    Hello there, I m sure u guys are doing great, i just want to ask I m using LG g3 vs98510B currently on stock ROM which is Kitkat 4.4.2 and am root and twrp recovery installed, i tried to uprade it previously but couldnt manage to get uprade of cyanogenmod or Asop or ressurection remix marshmallow rom, but the only rom i went through with was Fulmics 6.5 till Fulmics 6.9, i used it for an year i guess it is OK though, but i heard and read alot about CrDroide/cyanogenmod/RRemix/AOSP/AICP/AOSIP ROMS and now LineagOS ROMs, i wanted to experience these ROMs too, so i tried cm 13 on my lg g3 vs985 to feel the change, smoothness, efficiency and new features, but i failed, then rest of almost all i mentioned, no one flashed in TWRP recovery. Every time I flashed any custom ROM i got Baseband binary updater error, fortunately i got away with backup i made of Fulmics, but doing so trying Custom ROMs flashing I once flashed the system, then i had to go back to Stock using TOT method but again i tried but Fulmics 7.5 was my approach in the end. So i start using it. But I start searching alot of forums XDA is the best I found, there i came across for flashing CrDroide/cyanogenmod/RRemix/AOSP/AICP/AOSIP/LineageOS ROMS flawlessly i need to go back to stock and after advanced wipe, wipe cache/dalvik cache the i have format the system to flash totaly brand new Custom ROM, please guide me am I right about it, and also i wud like to ask u r the developers u have better knownledge which ROM i must go for, out of:
    CrDroideAndride 7.1.2
    Cyanogenmod 14.1 N
    Ressurection Remix N v 5.8.3 nightly
    AOSP caf N mr1
    AICP N 12.1 nightly
    AOSIP v 5.9 Official
    LineageOS 14.1 nightly
    i will attach some screenshots of lg g3 vs985 so u may understand and brief me best way.
    i will be looking forward for ur concern in my favour. good day.

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