OnePlus One Lineage OS 15 – Download and installation Guide

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    Great job on this ROM! Everything is working very very smoothly!

    A couple of things to point:
    – I get some flickering in the Settings app when entering it (maybe because I have Do Not Disturb enabled and it shows at the top just after loading the Settings app)
    – Installing applications from external sources is not working for me. When I click on a downloaded APK it says: “Package installer has stopped”. I tried clearing cache and Dalvik cache. Still the same issue.


    Confused, under the working list it states VoLTE I was under the impression that ono can’t support VoLTE, is this false?


    [quote quote=29396]Confused, under the working list it states VoLTE I was under the impression that ono can’t support VoLTE, is this false?[/quote]

    Oops… That was a typo.
    Yes that was wrong. I have updated the working status accordingly.
    Thanks for pointing that out.

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    I appreciate the work you have put in to this ROM.

    Worked smoothly for about a day with some expected bugs and app crashes.
    Now I am running in to some more major issues.

    Freezing upon boot, not detecting sim card, wifi and bluetooth stuck in the off mode.

    Using the most recent update – 11/24.

    Flash at your own risk, make sure you are fully backed up. Probably not suitable as a daily driver just yet.

    EDIT: Seem to have fixed the wifi and Bluetooth issue by turning on Airplane mode and then turning on wifi. It did not automatically turn off airplane mode when wifi was enabled. Seem to be some issues there.


    I don’t see any such issues on the development thread and there is nothing relevant in the changelog too.

    Did you do a clean flash before upgrading to this ROM??
    If not, that could be one major issue you need to look into !

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    Great work guys! I love that I can still rock the newest rom with a phone that is more than 4 years old :D
    I just have one little issue with it since I upgraded, I cannot connect to a BLE module(HM-10 BLE) anymore. Something like Bluetooth speakers are fine, but this module, which I used a lot before just doesn’t work on this version of Android.
    I had a nandroid backup from before I upgraded and when I switched back, I could detect the module again.
    upgraded to orero once more and I couldn’t find it at all.
    Any suggestions?


    Official LineageOS 15.1 is now available for Bacon. Follow the below link to get it:
    OFFICIAL LineageOS 15.1 for OnePlus One

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Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)
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