LineageOS 13 for Galaxy Grand Neo Plus (i9060i) Marshmallow ROM

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    hello i installed CM13 rom and first problem was not enough system partition storage
    i fixed that by installing RR Resurrection rom (also CM13 rom) but that rom has some huge problems
    1st my sim card is not working
    2nd auto rotation is not working
    3rd a lot of things crash(like settings crash when i set lock screen password)
    AND THE BIGGEST PROBLEM is after 2 days of installed rom my phone doesnt wake when i click home or power button
    i wakes afte while or doesn’t een wake up



    how can I use the FM RADIO again in this ROM?

    Lyes Hdg

    bad rom and full of bugs
    1.impossible to get gapps
    2.big ram loss
    3.a problem where when u plug and unplug a headphone it freezes and you have to remove the battery
    5.always crashes
    6.does not have good internet speed and reache even if you are 3 meters away from the router
    7.takes a long time to boot
    8.when rebooted all the apps reset and delete all permisions (you have to enable them again manually)
    9.constant popup windows (app …… stopped working) turnes off when taking a photo with flash
    and many more

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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