LineageOS 16 for Galaxy S5

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    g900f (klte)

    tested 1006 version from haggertk

    sim is now detected

    had no time to test it more intensively

    Thank you!


    Just installed with mindthegapps arm32 on my sm-G900F.  All seems to be working fine.  Sim card found, no problems with calling, messages, 4g, …. Super ! Thanks a lot !



    EDIT: So it turns out there’s an option when adding a network now in Android 9. When adding a hidden network, scroll to the bottom to find that option. Select “yes”, and it should work now.

    On that note, everything (that I’ve used so far) with this build works.

    Well, I’ve had the chance to use haggertk build for a day, and the only issue I’ve noticed is that I am not able to connect to hidden wifi.

    We don’t broadcast the SSID of our home WiFi. I used to be able to add the network and connect to it. With the above build, I’m not able to.

    However, I’m able to use WiFi and connect to visible WiFi (either open or protected) as usual.

    Haven’t noticed any other issue.


    i tried the last ver of haggertk  on g900f and sim/data works fine.

    what next?


    Hello to all that read this

    the following IS 100% true and Factual !

    I can state the Pie is extremely close to an “Official” build.

    Still in Beta, but again, very close. I am sure, once they have it all worked out, this will be HUGE!!

    Now, I have tested both of there builds. BOTH were very exciting to see, and run Pie, on my old Galaxy S5. ( Heck, have ran 13, 14 and 15 on her!! Now comes Pie! How exciting!) One thing that most users look at is… Battery. How long it will last and how many times must I recharge…. Well, Happy to say that in Pie, does contain  battery improvements. So, that is nice to say, but it is true. In my testing, I did not run a bunch of games, not into that! Reminder, is it in the Beta channel, so you will have an issue here or there.

    For the most part though, they are really close to having an Official build. Not 100% as to some of the work, but know its rather hard. Plus, many many things, Samsung had never release info regarding.

    In short, maybe the best build for the Galaxy S5 to date! Some my not like all the features, but some are nice to see. Am just waiting, just like all the others, for this to become “Official”. Once that is happens, I WILL flash it, and be happy!!




    nice work, use it and enjoy it.

    hope  become official soon.

    thank you haggertk.


    Hi and many thanks to haggert,
    the unofficial built from December, 3rd is running perfectly on two  samsung s5 SM-G600F.
    So I can enjoy all  advantages of PIE without any problem. I’m using it now from November, 5th without any problem since.


    Great work!

    I now have OS16 installed successfully on my GM900I.

    Initially, when enabling root access from Developer Options, I could select ‘Disable’ or ‘ADB.

    After flashing (via Recovery/TWRP) the OS15.1, I can now select ‘Disable’, ‘Apps’, ‘ADB’, ‘Apps & ADB’.

    However, aftern then installing Root Checker, SU# and Titanium Backup, all three apps say that root access is not enabled, even with ‘Apps & ADB’ selected.

    What am I missing? Is there an for OS16 that I should be using?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    P.S. This project has breathed new life into my sluggish/aging Galaxy S5! :)



    I have installed 2019-01-09 unofficial version of haggert on klteduos. It works great!

    Only one thing to mention: after booting, I get a message saying the is ha been signed with public keys.

    Anybody with the same experience?

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