LineageOS 14.1 for HTC One M8, Nougat 7.1 ROM

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    please i am running htc M8s (ql_ul) i need lineage os 14.1 ROM my device can you guys please help us that own this device with ROMS. please


    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone had solved an issue I am having. Currently the NFC works but the host card emulation (HCE) does not, this is apparently a common issue across many phones with LOS 14+. I have tried a few suggested solutions but to no avail, has anyone found a solution to this??


    Hi all
    I’ve an SD Card in the slot. With the newest version the handy displays every time: no external storage. The camera does not work at some time with this version an with whatsapp i couldn’t add files. PLS fix it or do you’ve a configuration suggestion for me?



    Is WiFi calling supported with this ROM on the M8?


    Hey guys, big problem with my HTC m8.
    I succesfully installed into my HTC M8, and it works great , wi-fi works, calling works….anyway , my main problem is that it drains the battery from full charge to closing the phone in about 5 or 6 hours.
    Did anyone of you have the same issue ? was it resolved?



    can I flash this on M8 Verizon?


    I installed the Lineage OS 14.1 for HTC One M8, Nougat 7.1 ROM and I work very well, I am happy with its operation. But 3G does not work, is that in Cuba the best there is is 3G. My HTC one M8 is from AT & T and 3G in Cuba is around 900Mhz. Can somebody help me??


    Have you installed the OFFICIAL or UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1?

    You can also try the LineageOS 15.1 for HTC One M8 where the Mobile Data works as per the users.

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    I installed OFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1
    Everything works fine but I do not work 3G in the 900Mhz, AT & T phones work 3G in the 850MHZ, I think they have the 900Mhz band blocked by software, because the same Verizon HTC m8 if 3G works in the is possible that if I install LineageOS 15 work the 3G? Thanks for answering


    I am not sure if 3G will work on the LineageOS 15.1 or not. You have to try that to know if things are okay there or not.

    Also, you can try the UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1 build just for an experiment.
    It is possible that the baseband firmware is locked to AT&T network and it might not be an issue on the LineageOS ROM side.

    So, you have to try various ROMs before you can conclude that the baseband is the culprit!

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