How To Unlock Bootloader of ASUS ROG Phone 2

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    This is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock bootloader of ROG Phone 2. The bootloader is required to be unlocked in order to install Camera2 API to install Google Camera or install TWRP or LineageOS or any other custom ROM on ROG Phone 2.

    The bootloader on the ROG Phone 2 and mostly on other Android phones are locked due to security reason. Locked bootloader means the factory firmware provided by ASUS is intact on your phone. Unlocking the bootloader of ROG Phone 2 will allow the software, to be modified and could make it vulnerable to attack but will open up a whole new space of rooting, custom ROM, customization etc.

    ROG Phone 2 Bootloader Unlock

    Yes, there is risk, but unlocking your bootloader can open up a whole new world of Android customization. If that’s worth the risk to you, read on for instructions on how to unlock the bootloader on ROG Phone 2.

    Unlocking the bootloader of ROG Phone 2 WILL VOID THE WARRANTY and erase all data and will make your device vulnerable to attack if you modify the software of the phone.
    Make sure you understand the RISK involved before you unlock the bootloader.

    Where to Download the ROG Phone 2 UnlockTool?

    You need to download the below APK:
    ROG Phone 2 UnlockTool APK

    How To Unlock Bootloader of ROG Phone 2?

    1. Downloadthe UnlockTool apk file from the above link and copy it to your phone (ROG Phone 2).
    2. Allow installation from unknown sources.

      Open settings menu and navigate to Security > Device administrators > Unknown sources.
      Check the box and then read and agree to the scary warning.

      See the below screenshot on how to enable to install from unknown sources:
      Allow Installation from Unknown Sources on ROG Phone 2

      This bootloader APK download is provided by ASUS itself for the ROG Phone 2 and it does not come from Google PlayStore, hence you must install it manually.
      To install apk manually you must enable the Allow installation from unknown sources on your phone.
    3. Install the Bootloader UnlockTool APK on ROG Phone 2 (download it from above download link)
      Install Bootloader Unlock APK on ROG Phone 2
    4. Read the user license agreement and click on the PRESS TO UNLOCK YOUR DEVICE to unlock the bootloader of ROG Phone 2.

      Click to unlock bootloader of ROG Phone 2

      This will erase all the local files on the ROG Phone 2.
      Make sure you copy important data, if you have missed it.

    Once you’ve run the tool, your phone will restart. This doesn’t take too much longer than a regular boot cycle. That’s all, your phone must have an unlocked bootloader by now. See the next section to know what you can do after unlocking the bootloader.

    What to do after unlocking bootloader of ROG Phone 2?

    Once you unlock the bootloader of ROG Phone 2, you can install the following things –

    • You can install TWRP on ROG Phone 2
    • You can Install Camera2 API (using TWRP) and then install a GCam for ROG Phone 2

    If you have faced any problem unlocking the bootloader on your ROG Phone 2, then leave a comment here, I will assist you as soon as possible.

    Stay tuned to the ROG Phone 2 link to get updates of GCam, TWRP, LineageOS, Android Custom ROMs, and all other device specific topics.

    ? <a href="">GCam APK</a> | <a href="">Mod APK</a>

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