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    TheGame City

    Hello, If i try to install TWRP the flash says succesfull but if i try to start Twrp (try to boot in it) i cant do “fastboot reboot” then it starts the phone normal…
    The system replaces twrp
    Phone Info;
    Wileyfox Spark +
    Android: 7.0
    Unlocked bootloader
    Root: no



    If the TWRP is flashed successfully then it should be there I believe.

    You can try the following to enter into recovery mode:
    – Turn off the phone.
    – Press and hold Power Button + Volume Up for approximately 5 seconds or so to start the phone in boot mode
    – From there press volume up or down button to select the Recovery Mode and then press Power button to start the pone in Recovery Mode

    After this, if your phone still reboots to the system and not TWRP then try flashing once more.

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    TheGame City

    Not helpingg it showing Wileyfox logo And is stuck then i need to pull out battery then it starts normal.
    Any help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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