LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy S4 Mini, Nougat 7.1 ROM

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    Oh… Yes… Thanks ^^

    Just, the music player don’t read wav file, but apart from that no problem ^^


    Samsung S4 Mini I9192 flashed latest 20 Feb update of Lineage 14.1. Still have problem of reading Contacts on SIM card. System recognizes the SIM card and all functions of sending/receiving calls and SMS work properly. System hangs trying to import Contacts from SIM card. Tested SIM card in another phone and contacts are readable. How can I troubleshoot the SIM card reading function?.


    File Manager can not delete any file on the SD used as internal memory. Even after giving File Manager full root rights using Super SU we get error message that access is denied to File manager on interactive shell.


    You need to flash the SU separately on this Lineage OS ROM.
    Here is the Root flashing guide on Lineage OS

    ? Google Camera APK | Mod APK


    I´ve some Issue with Bluetooth.
    It works well with Headspeaker and plays well in Headunit in my Car but it doesn´t show the Title and stearing by Headunit isn´t possible.
    There is some other Issue, my Contacts aren´t Reachable from Headunit.
    So I guess there is some trouble because with stock and 6.0.1 it worked well.

    Mirrorlink isn´t possible but this was known



    tried a second time with stock gapps instead of nano and worked well, all problems with bluetooth solfed.

    No more bugs i was able to catch

    Very good work, thanks


    Hello, guys! How is this ROM going for s4 mini LTE? I’m using CM13 last snapshot, but I was thinking about to update for this Lineage 14. Are there many bugs?

    Gael J

    I haven been using it since the end of january without any noticeable problem. I can only encourage you to install it…

    Sname P

    Works great so far. With LTE.
    First I had some problems with older version of TWRP because the S4 mini stayed in the start window on first boot.
    But with newest TWRP it works great.

    Many Thanks


    I am using it since mid-Jan without significant issue. The only problem I have is with bluetooth in the car: it works fine for phone, but I am not able to listen to bluetooth music (A2DP) as the process is crashing all the time on the phone. I read above that some bluetooth issues got resolved by using “stock gapps” instead of “nano” (which I use), but I can’t understand how that would be related, so I have not made the test yet.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 31 total)
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