Galaxy S3 LineageOS 14.1, Nougat 7.1 ROM

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    Maybe my answer’s there ?…

    “You are attempting to migrate from an unofficial build to LineageOS. To do this, you need to flash the migration zip, marked as ‘experimental’”



    Please try to make Android CM14.1 for S3 neo i9301i


    Hey I am serching for an migration Version or experimental zip but I cant’t find any…
    I want to update from cm 14.1 for my galaxy S3 i9300.
    At the normal download side there are only Nightlys no experimentals.


    First, Thank you.
    After install, I was stuck in the boot loop animation. And it looks like it is better not install SuperUser just after flashing the OS.

    It is running smooth and fast but is draining a lot of battery.


    A guy in another thread told me that there is no more official Experimental build.
    Can one of the S3 users who has already migrated his phone has to upload his experiment version for me please?
    I want to migrate from CM 14.1 to L OS. S3 i9300
    Thank you


    Im uploading it to MEGA. As soon as I get it done ill send the link




    Thanks a lot Carlos :)
    I will try to migrate today thanks again!


    It worked very well thanks dude


    No worries :)

    I have to say that in a few days time (hopefully) ill upgrade from my current galaxy s3. Still ill update it and use it from time to time to see how it handles

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 88 total)
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