Galaxy S3 LineageOS 14.1, Nougat 7.1 ROM

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    david curk

    Hi all
    My galaxy S3 i9300 intl running lineage-14.1-20170125-nightly-i9300-signed, keeps losing GPS signal in Google Maps.
    Any ideas ??


    Thanks for the clarification. Which means the WiFi is working.

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    Similar issue was reported for Galaxy S3 as well: GApps not working on Galaxy S4 Lineage 14.1

    I doubt if this is a Lineage 14.1 BUG !!
    Wait for the upcoming releases or verify the same with the unofficial build and see if the behavior is same.

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    I am on14.1-20170113-UNOFFCIAL-i9300 and do not face these issues. GPS and Wifi are working fine.

    I have sudden reboots sometimes.

    I asked previously how to debug, but no answer. :-(

    But still, this is the best I saw for last years.



    Hi miro, thanks for the update.

    Sudden reboot may be caused by a kernel panic or kernel crash. Obviously I can help you finding the logs but you have to download the code and start debugging by yourself for now.

    I am planning to write few topics which will help a user (precisely an advanced user) to capture logs, download and analyze source code to find out a possible BUG in the kernel. Why I said kernel, is because an application BUG will not cause the phone to reboot but a kernel bug can. Unable to write on those topics because of lack of time. Please forgive me for that, but I will write it very soon for sure.

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    Sorry I forgot to mention how to get the logs.

    In case of a kernel panic, below file will be generated:

    This file will not be there in case of a normal reboot. So, the next time your phone reboots, you can capture the above file using ADB. I hope you know the command how to capture the file.

    If not then use the following command:

    c:\ adb shell
    # cat /proc/last_kmsg > /sdcard/last_kmsg
    # exit
    $ exit
    c:\ adb pull /sdcard/last_kmsg

    Analyze the log. To find out the actual BUG you need to have the same source code from which the ROM is built ! I hope this will work for you. :)

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    About the changelog of the new build ???


    i want to update to lineage os nightly official from liniage os 14.1 unofficial. do i have to wipe data???


    There are a few bugs in this:
    MTP host sometimes crashes randomly
    Serial Number (Hardware) changed after installation – network still works
    Smooth, but lags in some Messenger (FB) games e.g. Bat Climb

    Not sure if software related but sometimes, when charging it only recognises as charging of USB rather than AC.

    However, it is generally smooth with most other things and good enough for daily usage.


    If you are on CyanogenMod 14.1 then you need not to wipe data but there is a procedure you need to follow: How to upgrade from CyanogenMOd 14.1 to Lineage OS 14.1.

    If you are on other ROM then you need to wipe(most probably).

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