Galaxy S3 CM14 (CyanogenMod 14, Nougat ROM) (i9300)

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    Is the rom working on S3 NEO (i9301i) ?


    Don’t think so as they are different phones (different processors and so on, i wouldnt try it…)


    Do I have to do a clean Flash, and how is it going with the sim issues and app crashes?


    I’m not sure about the sim issues and app crashes, but i strongly recommend doing a clean flash with all the previous wypes if coming from another rom. IF you are coming from a previous version of cm14 i think u dont need them, though the cleaner the better ;)

    Aldo Furlan

    >>In reply to Franziskaner15

    >>The pesci2k’s Rom Cm14.1 works fine. They have only many issue like app crashes and SIM card >>problems, but it still work!!!! I try the CM14.1 2.11.2016 Rom with and without gapps

    I had to install pesci2k’s Rom because Taker18’s Rom froze at the very beginning.
    I installed Gapps SUPER and all works fine.


    Aldo Furlan

    Hi all.
    I tried to update my pesci2k’s ROM with Roms dated 20161119 /20161122 but the SIM is not
    recognised, and there is an system instability.
    Successfully I reverted to 20161102 very stable.


    Aldo Furlan

    Hello Franziskaner15
    Did you tried pesci2k’s recent Roms?

    My best greetings.



    @Aldo Furlan

    Sorry but I have downgrade to CM13 Snapshot because I use my S3 as daily driver.
    I can´t say anything about last update. I´m waiting for the official release..


    hi good day I install cm14.1 vertion 14-12-2016 no have root i install this rom in my galaxy firmawe original 4.3 root but i install this rom but no works root i enable manage root acces option but not work root? can you help me please, sorry my english is very bad


    what about SIM unlocking?

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 20 total)
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