Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile LineageOS 14.1, Android Nougat 7.1 ROM

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    Android Nougat 7.1 ROM, Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile LineageOS 14.1 has now arrived via an UNOFFICIAL build. THIS IS ONLY FOR SNAPDRAGON VARIANT. If you want some more Lineage ROMs or wanna taste the OFFICIAL Lineage build then stay tuned the LineageOS 14.1 ROM collection page. If you are looking Lineage for Note 4 then here is the LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy NOTE 4. This LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo) is brought to you by developer _mone, another build is brought to you by ripee and one more build is brought to you by jef_00.


    No donation link found for ripee.

    THIS IS AN INITIAL BUILD WHICH MAY NOT BOOT AT ALL. HAVE A BACKUP BEFORE FLASHING THIS AND TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Installing a custom ROM on a Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo) requires the bootloader to be unlocked on the Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo) phone, which may VOID your warranty and may delete all your data. Before proceeding further you may consider backup all data on the phone. You are the only person doing changes to your phone and I cannot be held responsible for the mistakes done by you.

    Status of Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile LineageOS 14.1 Nougat 7.1 Custom ROM:

    – Not Known
    – Not Known


    Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile LineageOS 14.1 Nougat 7.1 Custom ROM


    Root binary is inbuilt in LineageOS 14.1, so you don’t need a separate SuperSu package to install to gain ROOT access. Here is How to Enable ROOT on LineageOS 14.1
    If there is no in-built ROOT or it does not work for some reason then you can try flashing SuperSU zip using recovery to gain ROOT access.


    1. Follow this if you are flashing LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo) for the first time, or coming from another ROM:

      Points to NOTE:
      – Try to avoid restoring apps backup using Titanium Backup. It may break things up.
      – Don’t restore system data using Titanium Backup! It will definitely break the current installation.
      – It is also discouraged to Restoring Apps + Data using Titanium Backup.

    2. Upgrading from earlier version of LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo):

    Complete the initial setup and enjoy Android Nougat 7.1 with LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo). After the installation of LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo) you may want to enable ROOT access on your phone and here is how you can do that:
    How to Enable ROOT on LineageOS 14.1.

    Stay tuned or Subscribe to the Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo) forum For other Android Nougat ROMs, LineageOS 14.1 ROMs, other ROMs and all other device specific topics.


    ? Google Camera APK | Mod APK


    I installed this on my Canadian Note 4 (SM-N910W8) which is identical to the T-Mobile Version. It works brilliantly. I have not yet found anything that isn’t working, and the ROM is fast and smooth. Well done, and thank you for continuing to support the custom ROM world!!


    is it supported on note 4 duos(n9100)?


    Same like Bruce, I have the Telus variant SM-N910W8 and this is working flawlessly so far (However, I just installed today). Very sleek ROM and no issues to note so far, except for the obvious: Fingerprint registers but won’t unlock, and no S-Pen support. Also Play Store didn’t automatically download my apps.

    Besides that, it’s excellent so far and no crashes or bugs. Much better than what I was using before (S7 Edge port ROM). The previous radio/modem works fine here

    I’ll update here if I discover any issues, but worth trying out – of course make a backup first just in case.


    As Bruce and Yavor, I have the Bell variant SM-N910W8. Was running CM 12.1 Lollipop and tried to flash this ROM and the Pico Gapps; everything looked good but alas, no sim card detected (the sim is installed and runs fine on CM12.1). I was a little confused by the directions for flashing this ROM but assumed option 2 “Upgrading from earlier version of Lineage 14.1 for Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo) ” was what I should follow. Any help with this would be much appreciated, thank you.


    As everybody here i have the SM-N910W8, contrary of what DMS say, is no difference between Bell, Roger, Videotron and Telus, all have the Same exactly model.

    Sorry for my English usually i talk french.

    No problem with this rom, everything look good in general.

    Little issue with the camera app from cyanogenmod when its start with flash on (the first launch), it crash with flash on, and you have to reboot to close the led flash. It keep crashing until i close the flash.

    Other little issue, it appear that it became real hot if i navigate on web when its on fast charging. Really hot, limite of temp probe will be possible. But i dont push to hard to test why.

    the finger print work well but the first registering of it when you configure the phone seem not to record in the phone. If you re register, it work after that without problem.

    But right now, it the better ROM i try right know and the only one based on 14, that work without crashing every two second. Nice job


    As Patricia has noted, everyone here has the same phone, the SM-N910W8 – and I am well aware there is no difference between them except the network SIM card (Telus, Bell, Rogers, Videotron). That is the reason for my first post. As they are all the same and only I seem to be experiencing problems, troubleshooting my “no sim detected” error message and no data function suggests it is either an error I am making in flashing the Lineage ROM and/or something to do with changing from my current CM12.1 OS to the Lineage Nougat 7.1. If any of you can help me I would appreciate a walk through of how you flashed the ROM and details of the pre-existing OS on your device (stock, rooted, custom ROM etc). Thank you!


    Forgot to include this…

    Bell Note 4
    Baseband SM-N910W8VLU1BOC4
    CM version 12.1-20161016-NIGHTLY-trletmo
    Android version 5.1.1

    Followed the instructions above for
    Option 2 “Upgrading from earlier version of Lineage 14.1 for Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo)”

    Everything flashes without error messages but on reboot and initial set up there is no SIM detected; initial message advises to “Insert SIM”


    Sorry for saying that the SM-N910W8 is the same for… Like i said, my english are not verry good and sometime, the word dont express what i want to say. Im saying this in case of a person who dont know that.

    For the info

    I install the rom from the latest stock rom

    Model SM-N910W8
    Model name GALAXY Note4
    Country Canada (Vidéotron)
    Version Android 6.0.1
    Changelist 8000148
    Build date Wed, 04 May 2016 12:45:25 +0000
    Security Patch Level 2016-05-01
    Product code VTR
    PDA N910W8VLU1DPE2
    CSC N910W8OYA1DPE2

    Iv follow all the instruction above and choose TWRP twrp- because the latest doesnt work for me.

    And i choose the Complet Gapp

    No trouble with SIM not detected

    Im from Videotron


    DMS, I think you may have to upgrade the modem firmware/baseband. I am using N910W8VlU1DPE2 (which I installed when I had my previous S7 ported rom). However, I am noticing very fast battery drain on just standby. 5 hours standby and it’s down to 20% while connected to WiFi and not really using it it all. Mobile Standby is 23%/708mAh of battery usage and nothing else is even close (<3% for all apps combined). Was worse when I was out and about. I may try a new radio to see if it improves the battery life.

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