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    Here you will find the ODIN Download link to various versions and installation guide. Let me take you to some basics (if you are really interested to know) on ODIN and then of course you are free to download the ODIN.

    What is Samsung ODIN flashing tool:

    ODIN is said to be a Samsung flashing tool which at Samsung the employees use it internally to flash the official Samsung firmware and recovery images. As far as I know ODIN was never officially released by Samsung but yes it is available on web even for the end user to flash the Samsung Firmwares, Samsung stock recovery, TWRP recovery manually. Using the ODIN flashing tool you as an end user can flash the Official Firmware OTAs manually, you can install TWRP custom recoveries and eventually custom ROMs.

    Flashing is basically the process of updating the phone’s system firmware. It is a risky task (if not handled intelligently you may damage your device permanently) and make sure you are in complete conscious while updating the firmwares or else you end-up blaming others.




    v3.12.4 (latest version ) Odin Download Link
    v3.11.1 Odin Download Link
    v3.10.7 Odin Download Link
    3.10.6 Odin Download Link
    v3.09 Odin Download Link
    v3.07 Odin Download Link
    v3.06 Odin Download Link


    • The download links will be endless if I include every available version and I believe may of them will not work on newer systems. The last Odin version 3.06 I think was release somewhat close to the end of 2011.
    • Also it is recommended that you always download the latest ODIN and use the older versions if the latest one is incompatible on your system.
    • All the download links are for Windows OS only.

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