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    While waiting for full lineage support and fix from HashBang173 follow this thread for a first experimental build



    thre ara many bugs but noow wifi sound nfc and touch works even if tablet often will be unresponsive  and device have decrypted data now (no password asking on twrp or during boot)


    remember to format data completely





    new build with notification panel width and position is available here


    Nicholas Tan

    Hi and happy new year to everyone. I came across this tread and saw the last update was in October. I’ve tried flashing OS 16 to my nexus 9 and seem to have the problem stated from the first feedback post. If I may humbly ask, is there any update? I’ve scoured the internet as well as XDA and have not found any further updates. I hope the esteemed devs have not given up on the lovely N9 yet. I’m running on OS15 at the moment and I’m loving what the devs have done with it. There is a noticeable increase in performance on my N9 with OS15 and I pray that OS16 will work on the N9.

    Thank you for all the wonderful work!


    Does this image work on the Nexus 9 LTE Version?


    As far as I know, the initial build was not booting. Later that there was no build came from the dev or any other dev.

    ? GCam APK | Mod APK

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)
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