Reply To: Download and Install LineageOS 16 on Xperia Z1


Hi, there

I had a stable install of Honami Resurrection Remix  7.1.2 and dared to install the Lineage OS 16 without wiping the former system. (Probably not a reccomendation for everyone- I had a safe backup, though) To my surprise nearly all of the apps of the old system were there an working. The whole system works fine. ‘After install Magisk was not working any moreand I had to patch to Version 19, to get root access for AfWall. Up to now I experienced to minor bugs: NTP Time Sync ist not working an I had one camera freeze.

PS: For install I had to update to TWRP  3.2.3 Green Image. Former version  3.0.2 will not do.

All in all  I am fairly enthusiastic about the all in all performance and stability of this unofficial state of the system.

Thanks a lot – great work


Update, May 15 th
There an no bugs anymore: Time sync is working, due to AfWall+ script with dedicated ntp-Server (at least I guess so). Camera is doing fine. I hope this build will get an official state and will be updated if necessary.
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