Reply To: Download and Install LineageOS 16 for Galaxy S8


Thanks for the ROM!

It’s working very smooth and the options it offers are just to good to switch back.
But it still has some bugs. I encountered the following:

• Phone constantly reboots while it’s installing apps from the PlayStore

• Wifi-Hotspot can’t be activated (neither with the button nor via console command)

• System won’t turn off when i press the button to shut it down (instead it instantly reboots)

• Touchscreen is too sensitive (always activates while having it in my pocket or while making calls)

• Some widgets don’t work correctly (5×5 widgets are displayed as 3×3 and so on, mostly happened with music players and weather apps)

• Bluetooth connection is aborted constantly (can’t make it work with any other pairing device)

I downloaded the ROM-File on 18th July from your GDrive link (don’t know if that’s the latest version).
Hope this feedback may help you with the developement!

Best regards

EDIT: Tried out the fingerprint sensor and it doesn’t work (i know it’s a known issue, just wanted to add it).