Reply To: LineageOS 16 for Moto X Style / Pure – Android 9.0 – Download and Install

Saul C.R

Hello good afternoon, best regards from Mexico.
I have tried the ROM, in other devices, such as the Motorola G2 and the updated ROM, of course, this device has not presented failures with reperto use of ROM, “of course this is another device”, the uses of ROM in my Motorola X Style XT1572, my experience has been very favorable, but as I have read the previous comments, two flaws are still present in my experience:
1.- The camera does not respond, it seems to have Bugs, and it is of low aspect in terms of the camera display or low resolution ….
2.- motorola gestures, for example the actions of the device
Shake twice up and down to flashlight
Rotate for Quick capture to quickly activate the camera
Lift and rotate to silence with just lifting the mobile, mute an incoming call and automatically activate the Vibration mode among other actions etc …
Well I have installed the corresponding ROM in the Motorola Z Play and the Rom runs perfectly and the camera as motorola gestures works very well …..
I appreciate that you continue to promote the update of the teams in general
without more for the moment I would like to know if, in -lineage OS 16 for these devices could solve these flaws, or with the new update of Android Q or Lineage OS 17 can do …
Thank you.