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Reply To: LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy Grand Prime (fortuna3g) Android 7.1 ROM


hi, i just registered, first, thanks a lot fot your work, i ve been using custom roms for a time now, it saved me a lot of money in new phones!!

I installed fortuna3g on my SM-G530H works fine but found some issues:

1- The overview button became inactive, so i had to add a line tothe generic keys file in system > usr (key 254 app_switch) , wiped cache and rebooted, solving it.
2- I cant find a way to remove the google search bar and the google calendar widget, looking on the internet people says to long press on the home and disable it using te three dot menu above sreen backgrounds , but there are no dots and the home config menu doesnt provide the disable options needed (pixel launcher )

Im from latin america so sorry in advance if i wrote something wrong XD.