Reply To: LineageOS 16 for Galaxy S5 Mini – Android Pie 9.0


Running nicely on my ancient SM-G800F, good work!

OTOH, the phone does feel even more RAM-starved now, which I have been able to mitigate to some extent by using the well-known “low-ram” build-properties (following this and this) and ruthless energy-management (greenify/amplify on top of EdXposed) to have as few apps running as possible. I would have liked to try zRam after reading the Google link and the surprising report on its benefits – but could not find the zram device. So I request …

  • adding the zram driver (top priority)
  • adding support for /proc/config.gz (so one knows what the kernel has)
  • (maybe)adding support for kernel modules – so at least one can use lsmod et al – and maybe add modules.
  • (maybe)activating the low-ram settings by default

Regards, Martin