Urnyx05 Google Camera 7.2.010 v1.7

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  • This is a Google Camera port of base version 7.2.010 build version v1.7 ported by Urnyx05.

    GCam port build date: 20th December 2019.

    Changelog of GCam 7.2.010 Urnyx05 build version v1.7:

    • Fixed astrophotography on Mi9/Mi9T/Mi9T Pro
    • Added back Google Photos preview (because there isn't the processing problem anymore)
    • Added an option to use RAW Sensor for OP6/6T
    • Added support to Zenfone 6 (thanks Arnova and Savitar)
    • Fixed AWB on Redmi Note 7 Pro (thanks Arnova)
    • Fixed Night Sight on Redmi Note 8 Pro
    • Fixed problems on front camera on Mi9 series
    • Fixed resolution in aux lenses
    • Forced Nexus 6P model on front camera
    • Added an option to use 4k for timelapse
    • Added the possibilty to long press to open settings
    • Added custom config for Snap845 and OP7 series (thanks a lot to Arnova)
    • Added the option to enable HDR+ Enhanced on portrait mode (thanks back.rider)

    Supported devices:

    Other Google Camera Downloads:

    • GCam for Android (The huge list that contains working GCam ports for all available phones)
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